Nintex platform: The industry leading workflow automation solution

At Nintex, people are at center of everything we do. Our goal is to give you more time to do what you do best. That’s why we created the Nintex Platform to intelligently automate virtually any business process—from simple to sophisticated—giving you back the time you need to think, dream, create, build, and share. We can’t wait to see what you do with your time.

Harnessing Intelligent Process Automation to achieve more


Eliminate the burden of manual tasks, giving you more time to advance your business.


Unify people, process, and systems across your organization to maximize human capital.


Pinpoint and remove performance bottlenecks to power continuous process improvement.

Advanced Workflow

From simple to sophisticated, there is no process we can’t handle with our intuitive no-code platform. Transform tedious, time- consuming tasks into efficient automated workflows that allow your teams to do more.


Accelerate business results by automatically creating consistent, compliant, and up-to-date documents. Route, dispatch, and archive your documents making sure the right people see the right documents, all at the right time.

Modern Forms

Build custom responsive forms without breaking a sweat to capture and send critical data across your organization. Ensure that you capture and store the right data by building rules directly into each field.

Mobile Apps

Move at the speed of business, wherever it goes. Create role-specific mobile apps with embedded workflows to keep your workforce productive wherever they are, ensuring tasks get done and processes don’t stall.

Machine Intelligence

Incorporate industry leading cognitive services into your workflows so your processes actively seek out the fastest path to completion. Take advantage of systems like Natural Language Processing, sentiment analysis, and image recognition to drive your business processes forward.

Process Intelligence

Create and customize dashboards to zero in on how your business processes are performing. Visualize workflow performance from micro to macro levels and gain insight into overall trends and isolate issues.

Process Mapping

Promapp™ gives you all the tools you need to engage teams and unlock your improvement potential.