Principal DevOps Engineer


We have a very special opportunity at Nintex!

We are looking for a Principal DevOps Engineer to join our fast paced and growing Engineer team - This is an opportunity to use your knowledge of industry best practices to be part of defining the future direction of product and platform delivery at Nintex.  This role will need to collaborate with teams in a variety of time zones and requires strong communication, mentoring and ability to work with a variety of stakeholders (both internal and external). 

Your contribution will be: 

Build on and up-level our DevOps practice strategy and technical capabilities:  Set the foundation for a durable and reliable infrastructure ecosystem at Nintex and help continue the transform of our DevOps practice from expertise to enablement.    

This includes the following duties and deliverables: 

  • Provide guidance and where required leadership for the overall design and architecture of our public cloud and private cloud hosted servers and environments 
  • Contribute to and assist in the implementation of the strategic vision of the DevOps practice 
  • Architect and design our platform such that it meets our availability, performance, and security SLOs 
  • Coach and develop DevOps engineering competency within product delivery teams 
  • Together with product delivery teams, develop models and capacity forecast to ensure normal operations across our platform infrastructure  
  • Together with the core operations and reliability team and product delivery teams, mature infrastructure operations practices, continuous and automated deployments, monitoring, logging, security and getting the most from our platform infrastructure 
  • Assist with the implementation and maintaining of industry certifications and compliance 
  • Ensure that TCO is understood and considered as part of platform infrastructure architecture and design 
  • Apply appropriate design patterns to infrastructure design, specifically for cloud-based distributed systems and microservices at scale  
  • Drive security process activities, patterns and standards to incorporate effective security for our platform infrastructure  
  • Partner with the product delivery teams to enable them to integrate security standards into their continuous delivery processes 
  • Participate in penetration testing projects, code and design reviews 
  • Develop and deliver DevOps and security related training; such as OWASP top 10, best practices, and secure coding principles 
  • Keep up with the latest industry trends in DevOps practices and Infrastructure modernization/efficiencies 
  • Provide coaching/mentoring to other engineers 
  • Set standards and examples for other team members to follow 
  • Contribute to budget planning 
  • Contribute to the development of our DevOps strategic vision  
  • Be actively involved in the hiring process of DevOps engineers 
  • When required, take ownership of complex problem solving 
  • Work constructively through team conflict 


How we operate:

Everyone who works at Nintex follow three core tenets to ensure we operate a highly successful and collaborative business:

  • We deliver on our commitments. We focus on a few key priorities and ensure we deliver with quality every time…..on time.
  • We don’t wait. If we see an issue, we fix it. If we see an opportunity to accelerate our success, we take it.
  • We operate with respect and consideration. We will move fast and deliver…and, we will do it the right way.

At Nintex, we thrive on helping our customers and partners succeed as they leverage the industry’s best process management and automation capabilities to digitally transform a wide range of business processes. Every employee that joins Nintex is presented with a massive market opportunity to help improve the way people worldwide work as every organization needs what we provide. We have a highly collaborative culture where we focus on success through team efforts.

Unleash your potential.  Apply today.