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Government agencies are operating under relentless pressure to deliver better results, faster. All while budgets continually flatten or decline, creating a constant need to do more with less. Adding to the challenge are outdated procedures, often paper based, that unnecessarily prolong processes and ultimately impact public satisfaction.  Find out how you can transform your agency by leveraging process excellence and automation.

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The power of automation

See how the City of Garland used digital transformation to change how work gets done in their budget and fire departments.

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Automated public record request

Leverage modern forms and advanced workflow logic to automate and digitize requests for public records. Significantly reduce processing time and messy paperwork while greatly improving the convenience for citizens.

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Modern acquisition management

Use advanced workflow logic to speed up government procurement processes while ensuring regulatory compliance. Create and route tender submissions to reviewers based on rules such as contract value. Automatically create statements of work once the project is awarded and intelligently store the signed contract.

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Coordinated incident response

Efficiently coordinate and triage incidents based on severity deploying response teams when needed. Automate the flow of communication and empower workers in the field to capture data while on the scene to greatly improve response times and simplify post incident reporting. 

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Advanced facility access

Enhance secure building access through integration of facial recognition and automatic alerts at the point of identification. Set rules based on security clearance levels to alert superiors of any breaches or if protocols for certain guests need to be followed.  

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Accelerated recruitment & onboarding

Streamline the recruitment and onboarding process for government contractors or military from background and medical checks, through to equipment provisioning and assignment. Use advanced workflow to ensure all regulatory steps are completed and core system repositories remain up to date.

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