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HR services hub

Leverage a single digital workspace to manage your human resources processes

Reduce cumbersome administrative tasks

From managing employee wellbeing and individual development, to employee contracts, to requests for reports and everything in between, your People and Development teams provide a vital support function to the business. Managing ad hoc service requests across a team of HR professionals via email and excel spreadsheets is cumbersome. Often there are multiple data silos and crossover processes that require human glue to keep it all coordinated. But ripping and replacing the HR platform or Service desk platform is a costly exercise, which leaves the People and Development team in the dark ages waiting for the ultimate solution.

Capabilities Used
Quicker response times
Auto-assign tasks based on domain knowledge and manage team workload distribution.
Reduce administrative costs
Scale department productivity without adding headcount by eliminating unnecessary report chasing and follow-up.
Increase auditability and visibility
Measure activity volume types to make continuous improvement decisions, measuring cost benefits and ROI as you go.
A better way to manage HR tasks

Our solution provides HR managers with a single digital workspace to prioritize, delegate, track and respond to service requests from end to end, thus liberating the team from complex spreadsheets and manual checklists. Configurable checklists give managers the ability to handle any scenario.

See the intelligent HR service hub in action

Watch a short video on how Nintex Partner Definiti has built a solution for your HR department to ensure compliance, do more with less, reduce administrative costs and minimize service response time.

Work with a trusted partner

Nintex Partner Definiti is a technology consulting firm that helps organizations improve their effectiveness and profitability. ​ Their main focus is to make people successful at work by creating time through deployment of a automated workplace solutions.

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An automation solution for every industry

No matter your industry or business role, the Nintex Process Platform gives your team the tools - and time - to get your best work done.

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