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Getting customers what they need

We often take for granted the foundational aspects of daily life: power, water, heat, communication, and entertainment—until those services are disrupted. Making sure customers have access to the utilities they need is critical, as well as ensuring they get them as quickly and easily as possible.

Moving into a new home or setting up a business is full of challenges, but never more so than when utility set-up doesn’t go as planned. It’s hard to accomplish anything in our lives when utility delays occur, and it’s especially frustrating when they happen due to antiquated paper processes or slow, bureaucratic response times.

Self-service utility solutions

When service companies put the Nintex Platform— Advanced Workflow, Modern Forms, and DocGen™—to work, the ability to onboard a new utility service is put into the consumer’s hands. The customer drives their own experience: completing the service request, watching that request shuttle through review and setup, with automated notifications keeping them informed along the way—so they can get back to their everyday pursuits.

The benefits


Giving control makes consumers feel empowered, eliminating the stress of uncertainty.


Both parties—consumers and providers alike—have complete visibility into every step of the process.


Using Intelligent Process Automation, needless manual steps are replaced with a quick, efficient path to completion.

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