Use workflows to improve sales and marketing

Sales and Marketing

Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to keep your sales and marketing teams productive and focused on the customer, rather than bogged down by slow processes. Nintex helps streamline your most common sales and marketing processes such as sales opportunity management, contract management or marketing campaign management using business process automation solutions.

Why use digital workflow to improve sales and marketing processes?

With digital workflow automation, Sales and Marketing teams can streamline process and better use the limited department resources 

Increase sales
Increase sales
Boost customer satisfaction
Boost customer satisfaction
Improve data accuracy and audit trails
Improve data accuracy and audit trails 
Reduce paperwork and improve productivity
Reduce paperwork and improve productivity
Manage sales opportunities

Manage sales opportunities

The sales team struggles with data integrity when team members manually enter leads. Duplicate data entry, disjointed systems, and delays entering leads hamper a sales manager’s ability to respond to sales opportunities. By creating digital workflows to automate the sales process, sales teams can collaborate, ensure timely follow up and close deals faster. Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Capture prospect data on a mobile device using preconfigured forms
  • Automate record entry in CRM applications and set alerts for sales to follow-up
  • Auto-generate custom documents directly into Word, Excel and PDF files with data dynamically pulled from CRM systems and other sources
Sales Lead Gen Solution Fact Sheet
Improve contract management

Improve contract management

Use digital workflows to improve contract management. Contract management is a labor-intensive process and when it’s not done properly can result in poor policy compliance, inaccurate information, and delayed sales cycles. By automating the process, you can speed contract approvals and renewals, ensure compliance and improve customer satisfaction. Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Auto-generate contracts in Word, PDF or Excel file formats
  • Set automatic notifications and reminders prior to the contract renewal date
  • Secure access to contracts
  • Access/publish documents to/ from line-of-business applications
  • Execute contracts quickly through popular digital signature providers, integrated directly into your workflow process
Contract Management Workflow Scenario Fact Sheet
Contract Management Infographic
Manage marketing campaigns

Manage marketing campaigns

Managing marketing initiatives from campaign idea to execution requires coordination. Use digital workflow automation to handle multiple reviews and approvals from stakeholders across sales and marketing. Marketing managers can avoid versioning issues and obtain necessary approvals through automated requests. Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Route marketing materials and documents based on metadata
  • Set reminders / escalations to expedite reviews and approvals
  • Manage all documents in a single location, allowing easy document versioning
  • Use Lazy Approval to quickly keep tasks moving from each approver
Grupa Lotus Case Study
Create documents and manage document reviews and approvals

Create documents and manage reviews and approvals

Unmanaged document review process leads to poor visibility and causes delays. Using digital workflows, simplify collaboration and effectively manage documents through their lifecycle. Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Automate and accelerate the creation of sales quotes, order forms, proposals, invoices, contracts, and account summaries
  • Regulate the access and publishing of documents via permission-based user access to/ from line-of-business applications, cloud data repositories, and Electronic Document Management (EDM) systems
  • Route documents based on metadata
  • Integrate with eSignature providers and set reminders escalations to expedite reviews and approvals
Reviews and Approval Workflows Fact Sheet

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