Operations Workflow Scenarios

Operations, Delivery and Procurement

Operations departments are literally built on process, but those processes don’t have to be drawn out or difficult. Nintex makes quick work of “what goes where,” so the systems that keep your company moving move even faster. Easily design and manage typical operational or procurement processes like vendor contract approval, work orders or purchasing supplies and services.

Why improve operational processes?

Ensure compliance
Ensure compliance
Improve data accuracy
Improve data accuracy
Save time and money
Save time and money
Reduce risk
Reduce risk
manage and track it assets

Improve supplier management

In order to produce goods and services, you need to bring raw materials into your company and effectively manage your supplier relationships to ensure that you obtain the lowest cost of the products and services you buy.  Better manage suppliers, meet compliance standards, and ensure purchases are obtained at the right price by improving supplier management. Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Onboard new suppliers
  • Manage supplier performance through reviews and keep a full audit trail including document versions and approval history

  • Manage supplier risk and compliance management
  • Manage electronic contracts and integrate them with e-signatures
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Manage help desk requests

Manage work orders

The maintenance and operations team makes sure that requests for repairs are handled in a timely and cost-effective manner. Work order approval workflow is used to enforce the business rules of an organization's maintenance operations to ensure that all work orders are within budget and have proper authorization.

  • Use workflows to direct, administer, and approve the operational steps of the work and maintain all documentation in a secure source
  • Use forms to capture required information and automatically set notifications to keep maintenance requests moving
  • Route the maintenance, repair, or installation work order to the appropriate technician in the maintenance department
Safety Inspection Improvement Solution Scenario
Deliver goods and services to your customers

Deliver goods and services to your customers

Getting the customer order is the first step. Making sure you can deliver the goods and services on time and on budget requires coordination from production to operations. From documenting unique requirements to delivery schedules or change orders, you can better manage the delivery of goods and services to your customers with business process automation. Use Nintex Workflows to:

  • Document special instructions or other workmanship issues that could affect the delivery schedule
  • Keep an audit trail of all orders, contracts, work orders or change orders

  • Drive a quality control process with appropriate reviewers, approvals and alerts
  • Create new work instructions or amend existing documents
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