Automate contract renewals

Grow sales with the customers you have

Renewing contracts with customers or suppliers means that your company won't have to go out in search of new ones. When you use workflows to manage contract renewals, you can handle renewal cycles in near-real time, without intervention. See how workflow and content automation solutions improve the sales-to-cash process.
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Contract Renewals

Alerts let you know when its time to renew

A scheduled process notices a customer is up for renewal. With document generation and workflows from Nintex, you can auto-generate renewal contracts that include all of the required documentation and information such as legal, product, and cover letters.  

Notify customers before the renewal

Use workflows to automatically notify customers before the renewal. Automatically track changes to terms and conditions and log the documents and interactions with the CRM systems, cloud data repositories, and EDM systems for audit trails. 
Contract Renewals

Contract renewals

Use workflows to set actions that can automatically generate contract renewals and other transactional content.
Contract Renewals

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