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Automate the onboarding process to build a remote workforce efficiently

From candidate to employee, seamlessly

HR teams have always been focused on improving their onboarding processes to provide a strong first impression to new hires. A smooth welcome and ensuring the right tools are in place for new hires to be effective in their jobs will help new employees get familiar with their organisations and become productive more quickly and easily. Due to the pandemic, most new starters around the world are joining their organisations remotely, and it is now a key priority for HR to ensure that they have a streamlined and efficient onboarding process in place to effectively build a remote workforce for continued success.

Join our webinar to learn how process automation can improve the recruitment and onboarding process and provide a seamless experience for the successful candidate, starting from the posting of a job through to completing remote onboarding for a new hire. See how you can use a common dashboard for a clear overview across all candidates in the pipeline and to monitor how each candidate is progressing through the interview process, including tracking of milestones. With a streamlined and more efficient process, HR teams and hiring managers can focus on ensuring they’re getting the right fit for the organisation instead of worrying about manual administrative tasks.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how to:

  • Replace paper documents with digital processes easily
  • Map and automate provisioning requests to get the right tools ready for new staff on their first day at work (remotely)
  • Automate repetitive tasks for Procurement and Finance to support the onboarding experience

Watch now to see how you can automate your recruitment and onboarding process from end to end with the Nintex Process Platform.