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Streamline permits, contracts and licenses using your xRM

Guide to accelerating citizen services

Anyone in state or local government knows the pain often associated with manually managing programs to issue licenses, permits, and contracts. From construction and zoning permits to business licenses and contract agreements, processes are paper-intensive and can take up a lot of your people’s time.

These programs require tracking and recording of compliance activities like code enforcement, construction or maintenance inspections, and fire protection certifications. Most of these processes have been highly manual and labor-intensive for years, with the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerating the critical need to modernize and optimize processes like these.

But what if you could easily automate critical components of these permits, contracts, and licensing programs? Many government agencies have had to quickly transform operations since the pandemic swept the country – often creating temporary solutions for handling these programs. As citizens and communities unite to reopen and rebuild, it is now more important than ever to forge a strong foundation to ensure you are supporting your community’s business rebuilding initiatives.

Watch this webinar to hear how easy and fast it is to transform your agency’s permit, contracts, and license process challenges by leveraging your current xRM system and the automation capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform.

You will learn:

  • Common permit, contract and license challenges that agencies are facing today and how to resolve them
  • How the automation capabilities of the Nintex platform connect and orchestrate workflows across your xRM and business systems
  • How other agencies are successfully leveraging Nintex for their permit and contract processes