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Check out the different kinds of apps you can build with Skuid by Nintex

Account dashboard

An account dashboard made with SAP and Salesforce CRM data.

This is an application for sales teams to get a 360° view of their accounts. Users can access a dashboard showing a holistic view of how the business is performing across the globe. With interactive visualizations they can drill down into for more information. On each page, SAP and Salesforce CRM data are integrated seamlessly to provide just-in-time intelligence on both individual accounts and larger overall trends.

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Customer request form

A form that acts like an app and shows only fields users need to see.

Signup forms are tough. Your process is complex. The data-model is structured for internal efficiency, and not necessarily for easy of initial data entry. With Skuid you can easily create a process that looks simple to the user, that only asks for necessary questions, that gives user paths that help them understand. But under the covers a complex set of records is created or updated – with all relationships intact.

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Opportunity management

A management dashboard that lets sales reps see, update, manage and edit their opportunities.

With the Opportunity Management app, salespeople can stay current on the opportunities most relevant to them—whether it’s opportunities assigned to them, opportunities in a specific region, or a specific individual opportunity. Instead of jumping between multiple records to view, compare, and edit opportunity data, sales reps can find everything they need in the same screen. Use filters to see exactly which opportunities they want to see, without leaving the page. View summaries of individual opportunity records and edit these records on the spot. In addition, create a new opportunity using a step-by-step process.

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Quick order

A mobile-friendly app for reviewing and creating orders.

Life on the road. It’s a challenge. You get a last minute call while in the taxi from your customer asking about the status of a recent order, or wanting to place a new one. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply get that information or do that task directly on the phone? YES! Skuid gives you the ability to create a custom experience tailored to the specific needs of your order creation process.

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Revenue and expense dashboard

A single dashboard where users can evaluate business ops from pipeline to customer satisfaction.

Multi-layered view of business operations for executives, the CEO Dashboard makes it easy to evaluate overall performance and pinpoint problem areas that need more attention.

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Dynamic form

A multi-step form that uses conditional logic to show only the data the user needs to see.

The Mortgage Loan Application guides users applying for a mortgage with an intuitive step-by-step process. Administrators can add conditional rendering and field-level validation to create an optimal workflow. Drive customer success by showing the right questions at the right time.

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Retail data dashboard

A dashboard where users can review and analyze order, sales, and product statistics.

This example dashboard shows the level of sophistication available without writing any code. Key stakeholders can quickly understand what is happening across the business, observe trends and determine where activity needs to be focussed. This dashboard uses various charts, geocharts and KPI’s to highlight sales performance.

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Contact directory

A highly scannable view of records in individual cards.

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Chicago Release Demo

Calendar, Vertical Tab Set, Spreadsheet-like capabilities.

Check out all the goodies from the Chicago release.

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Boston Release Demo

Preview what’s new in Skuid Boston release in one interactive page.

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