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Sales Tax FAQ

February 2021


Does Nintex charge local tax?

As required by local laws, Nintex charges local taxes, such as VAT, GST, or sales tax on its product sales.


In the United States, where does Nintex currently charge sales tax?

Items sold by Nintex USA, Inc., and shipped to customers in the following states and localities are subject to that state’s or locality’s sales tax:

Alabama Kansas North Dakota
Arizona Kentucky Ohio
California Louisiana Oklahoma
Colorado Maryland Oregon
Connecticut Massachusetts Pennsylvania
Delaware Michigan South Carolina
District of Columbia Minnesota Tennessee
Florida Missouri Texas
Georgia Nebraska Utah
Hawaii Nevada Virginia
Idaho New Jersey Washington
Illinois New Mexico West Virginia
Indiana New York Wisconsin
Iowa North Carolina


Why is my Nintex purchase subject to sales tax in some states but not others?

Each state has developed its own laws regarding whether specific products purchased or received in the state are subject to sales tax. If your invoice includes sales tax, one or more of the products you purchased from Nintex are taxable in the state where the products were received.


How is sales tax calculated?

Sales tax is generally calculated by applying the sales tax rate of a state or locality to the total sales price of the order. The amount of tax charged on an order depends on various factors, such as who the buyer is, how the buyer will be using the item purchased, and where the item will be used.


My state generally charges sales tax on the type of product I purchased, yet no sales tax was charged on my order. Why is this?

Nintex is required to charge sales tax only in states where NIntex has a “taxable presence.” As a result, if Nintex doesn’t have a “taxable presence” in the state where your product is received, then Nintex won’t charge sales tax on your order. In such instances, you may still have an obligation to pay use tax in your state.


Is my Nintex purchase exempt from sales tax in the U.S.?

Some states offer exemptions from sales for certain organizations, such as government organizations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, public charities, churches, and other religious organizations. Other states may offer exemptions based on how the purchaser intends to use the product, such as a purchase for resale or for use in a business. Exemptions vary state by state. If you believe that your organization is exempt from sales tax in your state and have a valid exemption certificate, please send it to finance@nintex.com.