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man standing at office window talking on the phone

Sales Contract Management

Transform contract management Business relationships are defined by contracts. Contracts formalize responsibilities, define who is buying what from…

business woman talking at conference table


Invest in your greatest asset—people Businesses are constantly evolving. Policies change, procedures change, processes change and the need…

Presentation during a business meeting in office.

Physician Contracting

Ensuring clinics and hospitals are fully staffed Healthcare facilities rely on independent physician contracts to ensure that they…

employees around a conference table

CRO Selection

Taking new medical devices to market Many medical device manufacturers lack the resources and expertise to take new,…

Nintex energy automation technologies

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Patient trials: the lifeblood of clinical recruitment Getting new meds approved requires patients—but the patient recruitment process can…

five employees at a conference table looking at a computer


Automatically provision user accounts An automated provisioning process helps IT ensure that the right users have access to…

Help Desk Support

Help Desk automation is just the ticket With Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), it’s easy to save time and…

men in hazmat suits with buckets

Rapid Disaster Response

Preparing for when disaster strikes Manufacturing and energy companies lead the way in ensuring equipment and services are…

a warehouse

Advanced Equipment Service

Keeping vital equipment up and running Advanced Equipment Service is a critical component of the energy industry—keeping everything…

Public Records Request

Automate public records requests Public records are crucial documents to public organizations, businesses, and government. Expedite requests from…