Follow leads, not paperwork

Selling services and products is paramount to any organization’s success. But manually entering sales leads and contracts inevitably leaves teams with less time to close deals and service existing clients. When sales teams adopt effective, automated processes into their systems, tedious paper-based tasks can be completed in just a few clicks.

Streamline the process and focus on the customer

Manage opportunities

Manual sales quotes often involve massive spreadsheets, PDF product catalogs, and an array of product/pricing databases. Digital workflows automate record entry, trigger alerts and follow-ups, and issue auto-generated documents to streamline busy work.

Accelerate sales proposals

Simplify collaboration and easily manage sales proposals through their life cycle. Auto-generate branded sales proposals, control access to sales quotes, and expedite reviews and approvals. Give sales reps the right pricing information, keep a secure audit trail of revisions, and use workflow analytics to gain key insights to your process.

Automate discount approvals

Agreeing on a price can make or break a sale. Automatically trigger approval workflows when a discount is set, notify multi-level approvers, and integrate with your CRM system. Auto-generate an audit trail and identify bottlenecks in your process with workflow analytics.

Simplify contract management

Contract management is one of the most important jobs in sales. Digitally manifest contracts in multiple file formats, route sales agreements, and eliminate delays in approvals with e-signature integration. Create secure access to contracts and access and publish documents within line-of-business applications.

Auto-generate contract renewals

Renewals happen all the time. Simple errors can result from needlessly manual practices. Handle renewal cycles in near-real-time without intervention. Retrieve details from past contracts, generate complete renewals, log documentation, notify management, and keep a secure audit trail. Workflow process analytics give you important insights into your processes.

Better contract management

When contract management is not done properly, it can result in poor policy compliance, inaccurate information, and delayed sales cycles. Automate the process to speed contract approvals and renewals, ensure compliance and improve customer satisfaction.

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Automation driving sales process efficiencies

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