Ensure more compliant legal processes with faster turnaround

Drive efficiency, compliance, and defensibility by connecting the tools and resources your teams already use. Get more done in less time – without sacrificing proper due diligence.

Break bottlenecks and improve client experience

Modern contract management

Modernize the process of managing contracts with a powerful automation platform that generates documents based on standardized templates, triggers notifications at set milestones, securely routes contracts for e-signature, and intelligently archives contracts in your preferred system of record.

Self-service NDAs

Allow your organization to move at the speed of modern business. Empower stakeholders to quickly generate their own NDA forms specific to individual scenarios while maintaining legal governance and visibility.

Sarbanes Oxley compliance

Staying compliant with SOX can be time-consuming and costly. Manage the complexity of testing and reporting by leveraging advanced workflows and process intelligence tools to eliminate errors and ensure visibility.

Foreign exports controls regulation

Minimize the potential for compliance issues by ensuring that only sanctioned leads are contacted. Incoming contacts can be seamlessly compared against official sanctions lists to remove the chance of an employee working with unlawful individuals or entities.

Simplified IP reviews

Automate the intellectual property review process to quickly and effectively assess and manage risk, trigger multi-level approvals, remedy any recognized problems, and ensure best practices are followed from inception to audit.

Automated and compliant contract management

Expedite the contract review, approval, and signature process while ensuring consistency and compliance.

Automation drives transformation

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