Financial compliance
and oversight

Complex financial operations require robust governance and audit oversight to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce the potential for fraud.

Improve financial transparency

Simplify budgeting requests

Budgeting request processes can be fraught with difficulty. Use digital workflows to automate notifications to management, create workflows to handle approvals and processes, and automate a complete audit trail. Achieve greater financial transparency together with the right level of authorization.

Manage expense approvals

Eliminating unnecessary paperwork allows managers to review and approve expense reports with greater accuracy. Create digital expense reports with pre-populated data, set alerts to prompt employee action, approve expenses quickly, and use process intelligence to discover bottlenecks in your process.

Improve invoice processing

Manual invoice processing can be time-consuming and frustrating. Prevent delays and cash-flow issues for Accounts Payable by ensuring data is correct, routing requests to the right manager, creating forms that capture and validate information, and keep a full audit trail.

Approve travel requests

Travel requests often slip through the cracks via email, get lost in piles of paper, or are entered incorrectly into spreadsheets. Regain control of your travel request workflow, improve accuracy, reduce paperwork and administrative costs, and boost employee satisfaction. Because flights don’t wait for approvals.

Process purchase requests

Your employees need to place and track orders for supplies and you want to make sure you’re getting the best price from vendors and suppliers. Digital workflows automatically generate purchase request forms, trigger multi-level approvals, and ensure compliance from inception to audit.

Streamline contract management

Improper sales processes can lead to poor policy compliance, inaccurate information, and delayed sales cycles. Easily generate contracts from any data source or from any document template, eliminating lost paperwork and version confusion, and use workflows to route contracts to the appropriate stakeholders for review.

Control expense report processing

Digital workflows automate notifications to management based on governance compliance, process additional processes based on approval amounts, and create a full audit trail of financial approvals and comments.

Automation driving transformation

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