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Drive digital transformation in education

Educators can optimize their administrative processes by leveraging the Nintex Platform to manage and automate recruitment, auditing, grant proposals, contracts, and more. Organizations of all sizes can benefit from the efficiency and productivity gains.

Making the most of a tight budget

Replace time-consuming manual processes

Eliminate bottlenecks and backlogs by automating paper-based processes like student applications and implementing digital forms to streamline data capture and processing.

Digitize educational programs

Modernize and optimize class scheduling and other operations with automated workflows that make your processes faster and easier to perform.

Modernize employee administration

Streamline internal processes for staff management and administration, including expense requests and approvals, hiring, and student/staff registration.  

Teacher recruitment

Organizations can attract and recruit high-quality educators and create global education programs for schools by implementing a streamlined and automated document generation and workflow processes. 

Participate digitizes document packages

Application processes

Workflow automation streamlines the entire application process from end-to-end. Eliminating paper-based processes and replacing them with digital forms and e-signature software simplifies data collection and reduces the administration workload.   

Fulton County Schools eliminates paper forms

Regulatory compliance

Audit processes in education become more efficient with advanced workflows that empower organizations to enforce compliance. Modernizing and digitizing administrative processes reduces workloads and improves accuracy. 

CEDP streamlines their education compliance audit
Nintex is a huge part of our digital transformation success at Fulton County Schools. Thanks to them, we’re effectively giving our teachers and staff more time each school day to do what they do best – educate children and turn them into tomorrow’s leaders.
/Anne Sexton, Coordinator of Enterprise Applications, Fulton County Schools/

Automation in action - Education

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