Optimize and enable productivity in your business

The Nintex Platform dramatically impacts how your business functions by empowering you with the tools—and time—to get your best work done. Check out how Intelligent Process Automation improves operational productivity and efficiency in a few major industries and departments.

Achieve process excellence across all verticals


Unify people, process, and systems across your organization to maximize human capital.


Eliminate the burden of manual tasks, giving you more time to advance your business.


Pinpoint and remove performance bottlenecks to power continuous process improvement.

Healthcare and life sciences

From healthcare providers to pharmaceuticals and medical-device manufacturers, Nintex helps automate processes for health and life sciences companies. Intelligent Process Automation means providers can digitally transform administrative operations, simplify patient experience, streamline device manufacturing and preventative maintenance, and eliminate gaps in the provision of end-to-end care.


Nintex empowers government and public-sector agencies at federal, state, and local levels to streamline processes–eliminating the tedious, time consuming, and manual–by automating and optimizing processes across the board. With Intelligent Process Automation, government operations, and public services digitally transform from laborious roadblocks to human-centered automation. Accelerate every day operations and even cross-agency functions in defense, emergency services, education, infrastructure, and more with efficiencies that save time and resources while creating greater citizen satisfaction.

Financial services

Insurance companies, banks, and wealth managers all rely on sophisticated processes to provide the services their customers need to be confident about their financial security. From onboarding new customers and providing easy ways to make policy, account, or investment changes to efficiently handling claims, Intelligent Process Automation helps these companies create operational efficiencies that vastly improve the customer experience–delivering security and peace of mind. And all with clicks, not code.


Energy companies are under increasing pressure to become more efficient. They must continue to digitally transform operations in order to satisfy the demands of modern consumers, while streamlining operations and remaining profitable. Nintex allows energy companies to deliver on their customers’ needs and expectations by providing solutions in intelligent equipment service, rapid disaster response, advanced customer onboarding, predictive and preventative maintenance, and more.

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