Ready to have real confidence in your processes?

From uncovering automation opportunities (go ahead, take the credit for the insights) to measuring the efficiency and awesomeness of your new workflows, we’ve got you covered with best-in-industry process products and services.

What is the Nintex Flex?

With Nintex process intelligence and automation, you gain efficiencies, decrease mistakes, and gain confidence that your everyday processes will be done consistently and effectively. Oh, and did we mention we integrated with the tools you’re already using like Salesforce, Adobe, Sharepoint, Box, and more? Just think of all the things you can start doing with the time savings and confidence—like leaving your desk for lunch, taking on new clients, innovating new products, or solving your clients’ new strategic challenges. We call that feeling the Nintex Flex.

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Your end-to-end process excellence solution


  • Define your processes into a work of art like a Process Picasso
  • Collaborate and map the most critical and frequent processes out
  • Manage a team of process wizards to drive continuous improvement (including third-party consultants)
About Process Management


  • Automate critical processes with clicks, not code
  • Ditch paper forms in favor of integrated digital ones (A win for you and the environment!)
  • Feel like a magician when you generate digital documents and route for e-signature in minutes
About Workflow Automation


  • Don’t just set it and forget it. Quickly identify and address issues.
  • Analyze data in our spectacular data dashboard #humblebrag
  • Quickly and easily update process mapping and automation with insights from real data (not just water-cooler conversation)
About Process Analytics
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