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Rinnai New Zealand Standardizes Processes and Increases Efficiency

See how Nintex Promapp® contributed to the heating manufacturer’s culture of improvement

Rinnai cultivated its reputation as a global heating appliance leader through continual product and business development at every level. With improvement an inherent, vital part of the business, Rinnai New Zealand was searching for a way to continue moving forward. It began using Nintex Promapp® as its business process management platform to help the company continue to grow in the future.

Finding success

Saved time and costs by improving efficiency

Created “no risks” management of health and safety

Simplified audits and employee onboarding

Rinnai New Zealand
Capabilities Used
Process Manager

Who they are

Rinnai is the world’s most innovative heating appliance manufacturer and widely regarded as the global industry leader.

What they need

A process mapping solution to promote continuous process improvement and increase efficiency at every level of the company.

How they did it

Introduced Nintex Promapp® to improve processes and streamline operations across the business.

Nintex Promapp® Aides in Rinnai’s Culture of Improvement

Rinnai New Zealand implemented Nintex Promapp® to align, streamline and centralize processes. The software’s usability quickly made an impact, particularly on the financial department. Nintex Promapp® helped the company stay compliant on regulations like ISO 9001, saving time, effort and disruption during audits. Its simplicity was also a benefit for Rinnai, as staff could onboard quickly, with many training themselves. Nintex Promapp®’s ease of use also made it simple to keep process information accurate and up to date.

Nintex Promapp® also contributed to Rinnai’s culture of improvement, helping make risk management tasks a normal part of day-to-day business operations. Now, managing risks is a natural part of work, and information on following (and improving) processes is available in a centralized location at all times. Rinnai’s staff knows what is expected of them, and everyone is better informed.

Nintex Promapp® helped save time and costs throughout the business, identifying unnecessary procedures. Its simplicity also means managers spend less time overseeing staff. Rinnai’s board is now able to review information more quickly, gain accurate views of operations and ask better questions. Nintex Promapp® has improved efficiency and operations at every level of the company, helping Rinnai maintain its leading industry position.

We have achieved time and cost savings — efficiency gains that came about as Nintex Promapp® helped us identify steps that were no longer required.
Kevin Sherlock Quality Assurance Manager, Rinnai NZ
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