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Nintex premier partner improves its own processes and doubles profitability

IOZ was founded in 2007 to help businesses in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland to adopt SharePoint as the platform for their quality management systems. The company specializes in SharePoint and automation with Nintex, but realized that many clients still needed an effective and hassle-free solution for process mapping and management.

That solution, IOZ determined, was Nintex Promapp®. It’s a complete business process mapping solution that simplifies process management with intuitive, flexible, and customizable tools that deliver total visibility and control over enterprise processes, encourage companywide collaboration, increase accountability, and improve processes themselves.

“Nintex Promapp® is a simple, stable, and powerful way for our clients to manage their processes,” says Samuel Alessandri, IOZ’s CEO. “It is a great fit for us and our clients because they can use it to document workflows by themselves and, when they have more complex needs, we can provide just the right amount of consulting to help them succeed.”

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Who they are

IOZ is a Nintex Premier Partner based in Sursee, Switzerland and 2x honoree of the Nintex Partner Awards.

What they need

IOZ’s clients needed a business process management solution they could easily use with SharePoint. IOZ had an internal need for a solution to help it revamp its quality management program.

How they did it

Using Nintex Promapp®, IOZ’s clients implement simple solutions themselves and turn to IOZ for as much consulting as they need to address larger challenges. IOZ also used Nintex Promapp® for a top-to-bottom review of all processes, reassigning processes to match staff responsibilities.

Great fit for IOZ and their clients

Alessandri decided to revamp the quality management system at IOZ when he became CEO of the company—and used Nintex Promapp® to do it. He and his colleagues identified and mapped 100 processes at IOZ, including some of which they were previously unaware of.

The results were dramatic. Employees gained a better understanding of IOZ’s processes and their roles in using those processes successfully. Alessandri shifted employee responsibilities to map to the company’s processes, so those with specific responsibilities now had the tools to carry them out. He weeded out process variations that had sprung up like weeds over the years, reducing the total number of processes at IOZ to 42, a streamlining of 58%.

Given the success of the project-management overhaul with Nintex Promapp®, it was natural that other departments at IOZ would want to benefit from it, too. The company has expanded its use of Nintex Promapp® to include HR, marketing, and others. Newly-hired marketing employees, for example, are more effective at a quicker rate because their work processes are clearly defined.

Nintex Promapp® is a simple, stable, and powerful way for our clients to manage their processes. It is a great fit for us and our clients.
– Samuel Alessandri, CEO, IOZ
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