Hawke’s Bay Regional Council pushes innovation forward with Nintex

The council drives process innovation, saves time, reduces errors with Nintex

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC)’s works to protect and manage the region’s rivers, lakes, soils, air, coast and biodiversity. The council’s scientists are also the first line of defense when it comes to public safety in the open waterways of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. Their diligence ensures that waterways remain safe.

To support their work, HBRC has standardized on the Nintex Process Platform for process automation and management. The regional council implemented Nintex Promapp in 2010 for process mapping and management. As an ISO 9001 organization, its critical that its processes are properly managed and documented. In 2013, HBRC began leveraging Nintex workflows and forms originally to digitize and automate field data collection and has automated over 400 processes across the council since.


hours saved over 5-month testing period


data samples per day per scientist analyzed


double data entry

Hawke's Bay Regional Council
Capabilities Used
Advanced Workflow
Modern Forms
Process Mapping

Who they are

Founded in 1989, Hawke's Bay Regional Council is based in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. With over 200 employees, it manages the air, land, water, and coastal resources of the region. It also coordinates civil defense, transport, and economic development.

What they needed

Hawke's Bay Regional Council needed a better way to get data from the field into proprietary internal systems. Their time-consuming and complicated paper-based data-gathering system processes were inefficient and prone to input errors.

How they did it

Hawke's Bay Regional Council updated their technology and processes with Nintex Advanced Workflow and Nintex Modern Forms. Now scientists in the field can upload data directly to their internal systems with improved accuracy.

Driving process excellence at Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

We use Nintex Promapp to help us do things once and do them right. We train our staff to use Nintex Promapp not only to read through processes, but to also provide feedback. With Nintex Promapp, we can all contribute to process excellence.
Olivia Giraud-Burrell, Business Analyst, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council

Nintex Mobile Apps empowers field scientists to improve processes, reduce data errors, enhance public safety

Automating and streamlining mission-critical data

HBRC scientists gather up to 50 samples in a single day for testing. In the past, information gathered in the field would be captured on paper forms by scientists with clipboards. Those data would be manually entered into internal systems at the lab, then re-checked against the paper forms for accuracy. This time-consuming, manual data-gathering process was prone to challenges. Forms were often damaged, and data had to be checked and double-checked for accuracy.

HBRC sought massive efficiency gains. When they decided to update from clipboards to mobile tablets, they turned to Nintex for help.

The automated mobile solutions created using Nintex Advanced Workflow and Modern Forms eliminated the need for double data entry. Using the Nintex Modern Apps on their mobile devices, field scientists also discovered opportunities to correct outdated questions as they went. All this saved days of processing and data verification time.

Over the five-month testing period, the new system saved the council 200-300 hours of work. The use of Nintex Workflow and Forms significantly reduces the time it takes to get the information analyzed and inform the public if needed.

Since adopting the Nintex Platform, the department has taken on a lot of extra projects—notably freshwater projects and climate change. Modern Apps let scientists accurately feed data back into the climate change models.

I’ve challenged my staff to constantly innovate in their work, to push boundaries, and Nintex has been really key to that. We have become reliant on Nintex to support us and the ability for staff to digitally capture information from the field and bring it back into the business. It’s essential for us now.
Iain Maxwell, Group Manager, Integrated Catchment Management, Hawke's Bay Regional Council
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