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Gippsland Water Saves Costs and Improves Customer Experiences

The large water supplier used Nintex Promapp® to improve efficiency and customer service.

With 65,000 customers in 43 towns, Gippsland Water was looking to improve customer service, while also increasing efficiency. To deliver the best service, the company had to document and simplify processes, finding areas to clean up inefficiencies and cut out unnecessary steps. Gippsland Water introduced Nintex Promapp® as a way to do more with less, aiming to lower tariffs and reduce costs while maintaining high-quality service.

Gippsland Water
Capabilities Used
Process Manager

Who they are

Gippsland Water is one of the largest suppliers of high-quality water, wastewater and waste recovery services in regional Victoria, Australia.

What they need

Increased efficiency across the company through improved processes.

How they did it

Implemented Nintex Promapp® to standardize and simplify processes, which resulted in cost savings and stronger customer experiences.

Improved Processes Save AU$250,000 and Enhance Customer Service

Gippsland Water implemented Nintex Promapp® as it began a three-year undertaking of mapping processes across the company, with the goal of increasing efficiency. Though staff members were hesitant to create new processes, Nintex Promapp® integrated seamlessly with existing setups, even incorporating training videos into the system.

As processes were documented, staff examined and challenged the way they handled tasks. The design of Nintex Promapp® allowed project teams to see all the company’s processes visually represented, making it easy to identify which units were accountable for which process, and find areas for improvement. The process improvement paid off — within a year, the company saved $AU250,000 in wasted costs.

Nintex Promapp® also helped improve Gippsland Water’s customer service, accomplishing tasks in seconds that used to take 10 days. The call center is able to better respond to customer calls, with 90 percent of issues resolved at the first point of contact. The software’s intuitive workflow also contributed to increased staff engagement, demonstrating how employees’ work contributes to Gippsland Water’s larger vision, creating stronger links within the organization.

Gippsland Water is now using Nintex Promapp® to take its improvement plan to new areas, including customer billing and relationship packages.

Nintex Promapp® is far more than a process-mapping tool; it’s very instinctive for people to use and is very well-designed. As a tool, it has helped transform the language used in our business.
Peter Skeels, Chief Operating Officer, Gippsland Water
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