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Blender uses automation to approve loans faster with Nintex

The unique cloud-based lending platform delivers speed, convenience, and efficiency to merchants and consumers.

Blender started back in 2014 with the goal to create a lending platform housed exclusively on the cloud. They knew technology would play a central role in building an online platform that was fully integrated, driven by automation, with no manual or offline processes. Being a fintech startup meant Blender had the advantage of no legacy systems, and the result is a fast and convenient consumer lending platform that operates efficiently with low overheads.

Blender Financial Technologies
Financial Services
Capabilities Used
DocGen for SalesForce

Who they are

Blender is a global Fintech company providing innovative credit and responsible financing solutions to tens of thousands of customers. Blender enables a fast and simple shopping experience for both e-Commerce and point-of-sale transactions.

What they need

As a fintech startup, Blender wanted to build an automated technology platform without any manual work processes.

How they did it

Blender built an efficient, fast, and easy to use online consumer credit platform that transacts P2P, BNPL, car loans, and bank loans digitally.

Automation drives growth and profitability

Blender has built its platform around the cloud – which means they are able to deliver on the vision of no manual processes. Salesforce is the core banking platform and is fully integrated with Nintex DocGen, which is used to manage contract creation. This unique, integrated platform has served the business well, allowing its in-house operators to view loan applications through a single-screen interface, rather than having to work across multiple screens from various technology providers.

Nintex DocGen is used to manage the digital generation of all contracts, which are built directly within Salesforce. Automation enables over 100,000 contracts to be processed annually. Contracts are digitally configured, routed, and completed using automated workflows to manage approvals. The end-to-end solution is robust, secure, and easy to use, which helps facilitate fast approvals for Blender’s merchants and end-user customers. Technology has also allowed them to keep a lean team, with fewer than 50 employees servicing 60,000 customers and 2,000 new loans every month.

As a CTO my role is to use technology to drive our growth. Making our operations as efficient and automated as possible is a key aspect. Over the past 12 months we have tripled our lending and doubled our revenue with no additional headcount.
Boaz Aviv, Co-Founder and CTO, Blender Financial Technologies
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