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Why does workflow and content automation matter to credit unions?

One important aspect for credit unions to consider is the enforcement and improvement of security, and what workflow and content automation can have to do with that.

When it comes to security of credit unions and other financial institutions, there are often policies in place to ensure compliance to security protocol, and more. However, if they aren’t followed, these policies are useless at enforcing compliance.

Credit unions and financial institutions also come with risk. Processes and policies are usually developed to minimize risk, but without a system enforcing them, those organizations can only rely on the training of their workers.

Sometimes a violation of security is someone getting access to content they’re not supposed to.

Leveraging a workflow automation platform into your technology system can help ensure that policies are not only in place but actually followed as they should be. With an automated workflow, businesses can ensure that all steps are followed and that only the information that needs to be shared with workers or external resources, is shared with that audience.

And other times a violation of security is failing to make sure something was done.

Loan approvals is common process at credit unions which involves manually accessing disparate content and data repositories. This process takes time and also adds the risk of human error. In addition to the process, the content should be automated too.

Using a workflow solution connect to systems of record with forms and document generation, a credit union employee can instead submit a form that puts the workflow “to work” for them.

This workflow can fetch the necessary data and generate the loan approval document. The employee can then make an accurate assessment, without the need to spend time reviewing information across disparate systems – saving time and reducing error.

Processes also need to be agile and easy to change.

It’s hard to figure out what all the rules and policies for security will be, and how they translate to business processes. Things need to be able to adjust – nothing is one size fits all.

We built Nintex to enable users to do this.

We want the people that own the business problem to also own the business solutions. The Nintex Workflow Platform was made to be easy to use, whether you are in a credit union’s IT department or loan approvals. (And if you do want help, we have partners and educational resources available).

The future of work with workflow and content automation

Today, work often involves a lot of software in a lot of different places. These tools help work get done, but they still need to integrate. It’s not just about pumping data from place to place or connecting one application to another.

Think bigger.

Workers need to be able to purposively connect work across multiple systems according to the rules and processes they’ve defined.

These automated processes should not only help users optimize and improve their work, but also eliminate mistakes by focusing on those process that are mostly likely to be the sources of mistakes.



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