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Why more governments are using no-code platforms

Digital transformation isn’t just for businesses anymore. Any organization looking to streamline operations, improve business processes, and boost efficiency can benefit from true digitization. Nowhere is this more true than in the public sector.

Across cities and borders, governments are investing in no-code app development platforms to enhance services, cut costs, and ultimately improve quality of life for their citizens. Here’s why no-code and the public sector go hand-in-hand:

Innovate without risk.

Digital innovation in the public sector is desperately needed. Slow technology, broken business processes, and complex user interfaces cause miscommunications, stalled projects, and wasted time. And that all adds up to decreased citizen satisfaction. But governments are caught between a rock and a hard place.

They know that things need to change, but they’re held hostage by legacy enterprise software vendors, budget constraints, and lack of adequate IT resources.

It’s too costly and time-consuming to replace solutions they’ve already invested in, while customizing existing applications requires more resources than are available, and more code than teams are prepared to write.

But with a no-code application development platform, governments can actually leverage their existing solutions and data sources and customize their applications to meet their organization’s needs, all without writing a single line of code.

With no-code app development software, governments can design and deploy applications within weeks or days, test solutions with end-users, and instantly iterate and make changes on the fly.

No-code is the key to innovating without risk. It means failing fast, and without significant setbacks, so that governments can discover optimal solutions for their teams and business processes.

Match business processes to technology.

Government organizations have to build business processes and operations that involve complex, ever-evolving rules and regulations, involving multiple parties and users.

They need applications that can adapt to the unique ways they work. That’s where out-of-the-box software can become a real issue. Most pre-built applications are designed with a specific purpose in mind.

If a business process exists outside that purpose, teams will likely have to create a workaround to get the job done. Applications that are customized with code, meanwhile, may only work well until they need to be changed, and then organizations are waiting in line for access to IT.

No-code development software is the platform governments need to quickly create applications that match the unique ways that they work.

Citizen developers, through the ease of drag-and-drop, can rapidly design applications around the needs of users, making an app not only functional, but enjoyable to use.

With a platform like Skuid, the application can accommodate complex rules and business processes, based on declarative conditions that the citizen developer can define.

That’s because Skuid doesn’t make assumptions about the way organizations work. Instead, organizations can make those choices themselves.

Create secure solutions for almost any operation or project.

What kinds of applications can governments build with a no-code platform? Just about any kind they want. They can create apps for administrative areas including welfare, employment, immigration, education, and healthcare, to name a few, and within those areas, they can simplify and automate business processes like case management, regulatory compliance, grants management, and more.

With each solution built on a no-code platform like Skuid, governments can ensure the security of the personal, confidential data they deal with each day. That’s because no-code platforms like Skuid respect the native security for all data that is accessed, keeping data under existing security controls.

That means that if an organization’s data is already housed on a robust, secure platform like Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, or SAP, building a new application with a no-code platform won’t break anything.

With a platform like Skuid, governments can finally create the apps they need without sacrificing speed or security. Ready to see how Skuid works? Get a free demo today!

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