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What is document generation?

Document generation is essential in every line of business.

It makes any process that requires paperwork 100x more efficient.

Without the proper tools, digitally drafting documents can be cumbersome and inefficient.

Rather than endlessly pushing paperwork or hours spent hitting copy/paste, automating digital documents through document generation does the hard work for you – so your team can focus on mission-critical work and waste less time on repetitive, administrative tasks.

So, how do you automate – and accelerate – digital document creation without the need for expensive developers or complex code? That’s where document generation technology comes in.

What is document generation?

By definition, document generation is the method of creating business-critical documents like invoices, contracts, sales proposals, and work orders automatically based on pre-defined variables in a template.”

Automated document generation accumulates data collected through forms and other sources and organizes that information into a digital document. An automated document generation process can be initiated by specified actions or events within workflows and then the document is routed to its final destination – all while providing visibility to stakeholders throughout the process.

Document generation software allows you to quickly build and share documents in a matter of a few clicks. Then, automatically routes  documents through the appropriate reviews and approvals, or stores the most up-to-date version securely in your organization’s document repository.

How does document generation work?

Document generation software allows people to design digital documents with a drag and drop interface by specifying static information (the content that will remain unchanged) and rule-based logic in each template, then tagging the fields that will pull dynamic data (the customer name, product details, pricing information, timestamps, and more).

With the right document generation tools, you can automatically create digital documents using your own custom templates and branding, and pull data from multiple CRM systems using pre-defined rules. Document generation software delivers precise and compliant documents the first time, every time.

Used in conjunction with process automation platforms, the end-to-end process is streamlined and the information transfers completely error-free.

In the best document generation software, Google Docs, Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, and other cloud storage solutions are all supported.

Experience document generation in action

Nintex customer, Hernando County School District leverages document generation to issue building permits. They use Nintex Promapp® to map the process and create highly visual flowcharts for workflows. In about two-months’ time, a completely automated solution was built using Nintex Promapp® to map the process and create highly visual flowcharts for workflows that were triggered by someone requesting a building permit and submitting a Nintex Form. Nintex Workflow manages the collection of relevant data, routing, and approval. Once approved, Nintex DocGen® creates the building permit from content in the application and additional reviews. Then, the workflow leverages Nintex Sign® powered by Adobe Sign to request signatures from officials. Once signed, the workflow sends an automated email to the project manager and applicant.

A quick document generation FAQ

  1. How are organizations saving time and money with document generation tools?

Digitizing documents increases speed at which they are completed, and automating the document process reduces clunky manual tasks from the workload.

Document generation software, like Nintex Drawloop DocGen®, delivers precise documents in seconds – so you can devote more time to high-impact work.

  1. How are organizations eliminating waste and even cutting out paper-based processes altogether?

Digital documents cut environmental impact (because they don’t rely on cutting down trees) and they also reduce or eliminate associated printing and postage costs. For the business, they increase efficiency and agility, because vital business information is no longer moving at the speed of snail mail but transmitted by technology in a flash.

  1. How are organizations promoting compliance and efficiently governing document processes?

With pre-defined, approved templates and language it’s easy to create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF documents.

Stakeholders gain visibility throughout the entire document process and can view status, trigger alerts, auto-assign tasks, and route documents appropriately. You can even see if the document is held up in someone’s inbox.

  1. How are organizations empowering employees and improving customer experience with automated documents?

No-code, drag and drop functionality empowers teams enterprise-wide, with solutions that take minimal time to get up and running. They can move as fast as the documents they’re producing – transferring accurate data in a high-volume of approved formats in a matter of clicks.

Automating the document lifecycle helps you move business forward.

  1. What are some common document-based tasks that make good candidates for automated document generation?

Contract management – Empower salespeople to generate compliant, data-driven contracts and close deals faster.

Customer compliance – Eliminate complex, time-consuming paperwork by automatically generating know-your-customer (KYC) documents and more.

 Loan processing – Generate loan applications, route them to relevant personnel for review and e-signature, send the document to the applicant, and approve their loan – quickly, simply, and smoothly.

 Employee onboarding – Auto-generate an employee contract in seconds to get new team members onboarded, providing value to your company quickly and seamlessly.



Accelerate business outcomes and experience the power and ease of automating the document lifecycle process on the Nintex Process Platform to see how it can transform how your organization operates.



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