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Process variant management

A simple way to control process variations, Nintex Promapp® makes it easy to establish standardized processes, with controlled variations.

Process standardization

Process standardization is recognized as a powerful tool for unifying an enterprise and reducing complexity. However, business in the 21st century is complex, and the ease with which companies can serve customers across the globe through digital technology directly interferes with that drive for standardization. There is a need to balance the tension between effective standardization and the agility that varied contexts and customers demand.

The solution for many organizations is to create variations of their processes, but this introduces its own challenges. Maintaining visibility over these variants and ensuring consistent execution is increasingly difficult as divisions, regions or product groups develop their own processes from the original. Suddenly, instead of increased flexibility and customer satisfaction, an organization can be facing costly breakdowns and non-compliant shortcuts.

The process variant management add-on from Nintex Promapp® tackles these problems by connecting process variations to the central standard version and ensuring everyone has access to the right process for their purposes.

The foundation of process variant management

The key is beginning with a standard process. By linking variations to one central template or master, Nintex Promapp® provides the foundation upon which all variations are built and a benchmark against which to measure KPIs. It’s administered by global process owners in a centralized governance team, making it possible to accurately monitor and manage local process variations with an organization-wide perspective.

The variations themselves can be global variants applied across the business or one-off process specific variations, customized to the particular needs of the company in that circumstance. These are created by the local experts who can work from the standard process to create a bespoke procedure for their needs, but within the bounds of the original concept. What’s more, since the two are connected it’s easy to highlight the differences and see where the key variations occur.

This is significant when you start to consider costing and reporting. Process variations are created for a purpose, and Nintex Promapp® makes it easy to evaluate the value by reporting on time and cost differences across process variations to support good decision making.

Accessing process variations

Another challenge of varied processes is accessing them. Traditional approaches litter the intranet and procedure manual with process documentation, and it is up to the user to identify the right version to execute.

Because Nintex Promapp® can assign variant types at the user level, all of the processes are kept together and users are presented with the appropriate version for their context. Where that’s not applicable, a simple drop-down identifies all the relevant variations with a simple click.

With the standard process acting as a hub, changes can be communicated easily to all stakeholders.

When the standard process is updated, variation owners are notified via their dashboard, giving them the option to incorporate or exclude the new content as suits their needs. It means updates can happen in hours rather than weeks, and no one is left out of the loop.

Agile and responsive workplaces

The fluidity of the modern business environment demands that companies are agile and responsive, but that flexibility has to be constrained to be effective.

The vast breadth of customers using Nintex Promapp® to map processes and increase work productivity in diverse environments is a testimony to its capabilities as a process management platform. From national manufacturers to international financial service providers, local retailers to regional telcos and councils, Nintex Promapp®’s process variant management add-on has brought the power of standardization together with the freedom of process variation with outstanding success.

You can learn more about the process variation management add-on in this video:

What people are saying

“Almost every multi-national company has to deal with the challenge of managing process variants. Usually the solutions are overly-complex. I like this approach because it is simple.”
– Jim Sinur, Aragon Research

“Most companies are challenged with business process mapping – standardizing business processes and creating a single source of truth. This is what Nintex Promapp® does really well.”
Joseph Hsiao, IDC

“Nintex Promapp® allows local owners to manage their variations while allowing the APAC Centre of Excellence visibility and governance of all regional processes.”
Neal Ross, Konica Minolta

“The process variant management functionality is outstanding. We can follow all the usual global standards we have for induction, but vary the process for a particular country’s requirements which reduces risk and administrative overhead.”
Matthew Pritchar, Agilyx



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