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Digital Transformation

Private Sector & Government Employees “United” in Work

November 16, 2016, Author: Mike Fitzmaurice

There’s a common perception that compared to public sector, private sector is more efficient, nimble and modern in the ways they work and the technology that powers everyday business. But is that true in reality? We set out to see if perception matches reality by talking to government employees and private […]

Cloud, Workflow and Content Automation

What Does Nintex Workflow Cloud Mean for SharePoint Users?

November 14, 2016, Author: Mike Fitzmaurice

Several of our customers have asked what the Nintex Workflow Cloud means for our SharePoint Server and Office 365 offerings. The short answer is it makes them better. Use Nintex Workflow Cloud as a Library of “Sub-Processes” Every workflow you create in Nintex Workflow Cloud is meant to be called by […]

Document Generation, Process Automation

Top 5 Fears of Creating Documents (& 1 Incredible Fear-Buster)

October 31, 2016, Author: admin

While fictional ghouls, witches and zombies have terrified people on movie screens this Halloween season, we know it’s the very real fears about creating documents that keep you up at night. One of them? Errors. When you inadvertently send a mistake-riddled document to a customer, prospect or colleague, it’s enough […]

Best Practices

You, Monica and the Importance of Cyber Security

October 31, 2016, Author: admin

Seventy-nine percent of Internet users surveyed worry about a lack of online privacy as a result of having so much of their information on the Internet, according to TRUSTe/National Cyber Security Alliance U.S. Consumer Privacy Index research. Nintex is committed to cyber security strategies that protect all data provided to […]

Digital Transformation

The Power of the Technical Evangelist

October 12, 2016, Author: admin

Nintex Technical Evangelist Mohammed Qattan was born in Libya and raised in Jordan. His mother grew up in Egypt and his family name is common in the Gulf Region. He speaks several Arabic dialects and understands even more. His background and language skills enable him to connect with all the […]