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How to Decide Between SharePoint On-Premises & SharePoint Online

February 11, 2016, Author: Eric Harris

You’ve probably felt the fever pitch around the push to the cloud. While the cloud isn’t just a passing trend, there are still so many variables that influence how and when you should migrate your IT applications and platforms to the cloud. Take your SharePoint platform, for example: SharePoint Online […]

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How Can Document Generation Benefit Tech Companies?

February 5, 2016, Author: Paul Tunison

The extreme growth of the industry and rising demand for tech solutions can result in tech companies putting their own technology needs on the backburner. Selling and hiring sometimes takes precedence over addressing their internal needs or processes with document generation. However, automating document creation with document generation can help […]


What’s It Mean to Be a Microsoft MVP?

February 3, 2016, Author: admin

The morning of the big announcement in January 2011, John P. White waited nervously to hear if he’d been chosen. Like an actor before the Oscar nominations are announced or a football player the day of the draft, John hoped for the best but could do nothing at that point. […]

Best Practices, Digital Transformation, Document Generation

7 Benefits of Automating Document Creation in Salesforce

January 14, 2016, Author: admin

Automating the process of document creation – whether those documents are thank you letters, quotes, contracts, licensing agreements or something else – offers several clear, direct benefits. You save time. You save money. And you decrease document errors. Nintex Technical Evangelist Michael Machado gives document generation demos to people who […]

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How Does Process Automation Impact Productivity?

January 6, 2016, Author: admin

Search for “productivity” on your favorite browser and you’ll get millions of results. Tips for increasing it at work. Tips for increasing it at home. Productivity apps for your phone. Explorations of what increasing productivity means for your health, your relationships, your work, your future and your life. Productivity ranks high […]