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5 Paper-Based Business Processes Everyone Forgets About

August 11, 2017, Author: Kim Albrecht

One lesson businesses have learned in the last few years is that not much can come from a “sneaker net.” Shuffling paperwork and waiting on approvals wastes a lot of time and can cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. When business was predominantly done on paper, mailrooms used to […]

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What Is Workflow?

August 9, 2017, Author: Eric Harris

Our Workflow Basics series aims to explore the concept of  ‘workflow automation’ and its role in transforming manual, paper-based business processes into efficient, effective digital solutions.  Ask anyone to define “workflow” and they’ll each give you a different answer. That’s because workflow means different things to different people. VP of […]

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Did You Know: We’ve Improved Drawloop’s Component Library

August 8, 2017, Author: Sam Sysum

(If you are not familiar with the Component Library, we highly recommend this related post on Nintex Connect.)  Benefits Since we released the Component Library, we have made quite a few improvements to it to make your life easier. Today you will learn about: Searching for components Additional options for your […]

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5 Long-Term Benefits of Workflow Automation

August 8, 2017, Author: Galen Rodgers

Workflow automation is a valuable tool for any business but invaluable at the larger scale. Everyone has work that must get done, and workflow automation helps reduce – or even eliminate – the time that needs to be spent on repetitive processes. This means everyday work gets done faster, and […]

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Get to Know a VIP: Expense Report Process

August 7, 2017, Author: Brad Orluk

Our Very Important Process (VIP) series has been exploring how essential organizational procedures—such as the expense report process—can be made more effective and efficient. VIPs are all those essential processes your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. Expense reports are one of the most common procedures in any […]