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5 Long-Term Benefits of Workflow Automation

August 8, 2017, Author: Galen Rodgers

Workflow automation is a valuable tool for any business but invaluable at the larger scale. Everyone has work that must get done, and workflow automation helps reduce – or even eliminate – the time that needs to be spent on repetitive processes. This means everyday work gets done faster, and […]

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Get to Know a VIP: Expense Report Process

August 7, 2017, Author: Brad Orluk

Our Very Important Process (VIP) series has been exploring how essential organizational procedures—such as the expense report process—can be made more effective and efficient. VIPs are all those essential processes your business needs to run as efficiently as possible. Expense reports are one of the most common procedures in any […]

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Nintex: Inspiration is Everything

August 4, 2017, Author: Elise Harrington

Last month we attended Microsoft’s annual worldwide partner conference, Inspire, in Washington, D.C. Beforehand, the team at Microsoft asked Nintex to submit a short video about what inspires us. Working at Nintex, we certainly weren’t short of things to share. My Team Nintex Sales Manager Karen Troung shared that it’s […]


Celebrating our Latest Nintex Impact Award Winner – Josh Tan

August 3, 2017, Author: Karina Mounivong

Earlier this year we announced the launch of the Nintex Impact Award to celebrate and promote the success our employees and teams who demonstrate the best of what it means to work at Nintex. The Nintex Impact Award honors individuals and teams who show exceptional contributions and behavior aligned to […]

Process Automation, Workflow and Content Automation

Sales Success: Workflow Designers as Force Multipliers

August 2, 2017, Author: Andrew Swanson

Sales leaders are always looking for ways to build momentum and achieve maximum performance from their teams and individual contributors. Every year like clockwork, the quota goes up 20%, the hiring plan includes an additional 5% in the workforce and leaders are left asking, “How can I do more with less?”  […]