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Whats’ New: Nintex Forms – Attachments in Repeating Section

February 5, 2018, Author: Chris Ellis

The ability to create attachments in a repeating section of a form has so many use cases, across so many verticals! Here are just a few: Adding catalog images to quotes and invoices Adding documentation and images to items in an inspection report Attaching applicant information to HR forms Attaching […]

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Did You Know: Getting More Out of Conditional Logic in Nintex Workflow for Office 365

February 1, 2018, Author: Gonazlo Marcos

There’s a way to get even more value from the new “conditional start” capability in Nintex Workflow for Office 365. Normally, a workflow kicks off when an item is created or modified. With Conditional Start, we provided the ability to set a condition or expression that must also be true […]

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Did You Know: The HEIC Image Format on iOS 11 and Nintex Mobile

February 1, 2018, Author: John Corry

With the release of iOS 11 Apple has introduced support for the High Efficiency Image Format (HEIF) or HEIC as Apple call it.  HEIF is a media container standard developed by the Motion Picture Expert Group (MPEG) touted as being the JPEG killer. HEIF is purported as being twice as […]

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The CX Value Chain and Customer Engagement Management in Your Business

January 30, 2018, Author: admin

Customer engagement management is a direct effort by your organization to prioritize your customers, making sure that any communication with your brand is a valuable one. This type of management is part of the customer experience (CX) value chain. The Meaning of the Value Chain Essentially, the value chain is […]

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Did You Know: Your Field Tagging Nightmares Solved!

January 29, 2018, Author: Alex Manning

Template building: time consuming, troublesome, easy to get wrong; all problems that sound familiar with your current document management in Salesforce? The Field Tagger in Nintex DocGen for Salesforce makes it much easier to build templates. If the “field tag” term is new, it’s the Nintex way of describing a […]