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Get to Know a VIP: Onboarding New Hires

July 14, 2017, Author: Karina Mounivong

One of the major tasks of HR departments is onboarding new hires. This is a mainstay for any HR department and brings many tasks and business strands together to make up the overall process. For members of the HR team there is a lot to think about. HR must liaise […]


Unlock New Opportunities with Nintex Hawkeye Process Intelligence and Workflow Analytics

July 11, 2017, Author: Lachlan Ainley

Lachlan presented on this topic in a session at Microsoft Inspire 2017. Every day Nintex Partners deliver innovative process automation solutions that help improve the way our customers work. To create and improve these processes, they first need to be understood. Thanks to the process intelligence capabilities of Nintex Hawkeye, […]


Nintex Digital Workflows and Forms Create Impactful Opportunities for UK Housing Association GreenSquare Group

July 11, 2017, Author: Rob Fletcher

Incredibly, many organizations continue to rely on paper documents. However, using paper can be problematic and inefficient for several reasons: Confidential or personal information can potentially be lost which could lead to legal compliance failures, large fines, and significant reputational damage. Contracts and forms can get lost or delayed in […]


Nintex for Office 365: Strong Customer Adoption and Innovation Fuel the Next Wave of Digital Business Transformation

July 11, 2017, Author: Alex Burton

This week’s Microsoft Inspire conference—its annual worldwide partner confab—is a great chance for us to connect with our partners. In each of our discussions and interactions, we get a chance to reflect on the wide array of transformational workflow and content automation solutions we’ve delivered for our mutual customers in […]


Accelerate Digital Business Transformation with Nintex Workflow-as-a-Service

July 10, 2017, Author: Ian Hameroff

Ian presented on this topic in a session at Microsoft Inspire 2017. Digital transformation is a popular topic today—although the concept isn’t new. The workplace has been undergoing transformation for decades, as each major wave of new technology ushers in an era of opportunity to fundamentally change widely applied means […]