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Three not-for-profits invest freed up time in their communities

One of our thriving industry sectors is not-for-profit. We are always inspired to hear how these companies work to make their communities a better place. They operate across a variety of areas – everything from lifesaving health care to tackling homelessness and advancing education for children.  

We want to share the stories of three of our not-for-profit customers. You will also hear from our team members who have worked on these projects, and what working with these charities means to them. 

Framework Housing Association creates more impactful fundraising campaigns and improves the management of charitable donations.

Framework is a small charity with a big heart. Every year it supports more than 18,000 people from across the Midlands in the UK, who are either rough sleeping or at risk of becoming homeless. The charity aims to raise £3 million in five years to help it build 200 new houses and extend its support services, through a campaign called Building Better Futures.  

Framework, with the assistance of Deloitte through a pro bono project, implemented a fully automated data analysis workflow with Nintex RPA. Referred to internally as simply ‘the bot’, it takes just 20-30 minutes to run weekly and analyzes over 32,000 records relating to donations received, direct mail campaigns, regular supporters, and fundraising events. 

“Nintex RPA has taken away or simplified many routine tasks, so I can now spend more of my time engaging with donors and running campaigns to help raise the money that is so urgently needed to support rough sleepers.” Caroline Hannigan, Supporter Engagement and Database Manager, Framework. 

“I take a lot of pride in how Nintex’s work in the charitable sector means helping maximize charitable revenue after costs for the organizations we work with. Framework Association makes a real difference for the thousands of people annually they help home, and our partnership with them helps make that happen. We’re honored to be linked to their work and to contribute to the charity’s aims and objectives with process automation.” Paul Blackwell, Enterprise Account Executive, Nintex. 

Read the Framework story here.

V Foundation boosts brand with customized donor service

V Foundation—that’s V as in Victory Over Cancer®—has an unusual funding model. It promises donors that 100% of their direct donations will go to cancer research and programs, with not a penny deducted for administrative or overhead costs. How can the Foundation do it? By paying for these expenses from a separate endowment. 

V Foundation’s donors want comprehensive year-end statements that itemize and total their annual contributions. They use Nintex DocGen for Salesforce to make recordkeeping easier for their donors. The solution works behind the scenes to automatically populate Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF templates with data from Salesforce and other systems. It eliminates the need to manually create contracts, work orders, invoices, and other business-critical documents, and builds and shares documents with just a few clicks from directly within Salesforce or Office 365. 

“We use Nintex to steward our donors effectively. It’s very important to us to ensure our donors have the information they need when they need it.” Michaela Johnson-Tena, Senior Director of Operations, V Foundation 

Read the V Foundation story here.

WISE Employment puts Process Manager to work for process excellence

The mission of WISE Employment is “empowering people to enrich the community.” WISE’s ultimate goal is to help the most disadvantaged achieve long-term and sustainable employment. Today WISE helps more than 34,000 people across Australia through their Disability Employment Services and Workforce Australia programs to find sustainable employment each year.  

WISE Employment undertook an initiative to improve processes at the organization, and to place the customer at the heart of their thinking by creating processes that drive efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring positive employee and customer experiences are achieved. 

“We see process excellence as a journey and Nintex Process Manager as the key strategic tool within the business to achieve it. This is a long-term strategic approach.” Kon Stoilas, Organizational Development & Learning Manager, WISE Employment. 

“WISE empowers more than 34,000 people across Australia to find sustainable, meaningful employment each year – such an inspiring organization to be a little part of through our services partnership. Supporting a diverse range of populations, from LGBTQIA+ to ex-prisoners, from those with mental health challenges to First Nations and remote communities and more, WISE tailors its services to the unique needs of these populations – something that’s integral when it comes to breaking down barriers. It’s exciting to provide WISE a service that helps these job seekers find inclusive employers who recognize and value the diversity they bring to a workforce. WISE always has the community’s best interests at heart and that extends through everything they do – it’s also what makes me most proud to partner with them.” Alex Jones, Account Manager, Nintex.

Read the WISE Employment story here.



Using technology to free up time to focus on delivering services in their communities has been a common success factor enjoyed by all our customers who had their stories featured here. If you would like to learn more about the technology behind these stories, explore our process platform and then sign up for a free demo.



Kirsty Taylor

Kirsty Taylor is part of the corporate marketing and communications team at Nintex. She works with our customers globally to help them share their stories with a broader audience as part of our customer advocacy program. Her focus is on building out programs that help infuse our customer's stories into everything we do.

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