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Automate processes in your SAP S/4HANA environment with Nintex RPA

A successful business requires powerful tools, and at the heart of many enterprises is their ERP system. For years, SAP has been the dominant ERP system. The enterprise software tool is implemented by thousands of companies, many of whom have invested millions of dollars in order to better collect, store, and manage their data.

The challenge with legacy SAP solutions

When working with organizations around the globe on their digital transformation journey, we find that many businesses often employ a host of disparate systems, both legacy on-premises as well as cloud-based software solutions.

Moving away from their legacy SAP systems can be a challenge for many companies, as they have already invested heavily in the technology tools and would need to double down to replace it with a modern software solution. The process of inputting data can be difficult to automate. Even more, modern systems can introduce challenges when accessing the data that is critical for your business to operate.

The Nintex Process Platform can help overcome these roadblocks.

Enter: Nintex RPA for SAP

Nintex RPA can easily automate processes within SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA environments, enabling you to realize the benefits of sophisticated automation capabilities.

Businesses that extend their SAP systems to other enterprise applications can substantially reduce their IT costs and decrease the burden of accessing and updating data.

With Nintex RPA you can:
– Store credentials for SAP securely, log in and access your SAP S/4HANA system
– Replicate SAP menus within the Nintex RPA designer
– Enable bots to mirror commands and access the Fiori interfaces, quickly and easily accessing data and simplifying automation – all without the need for code – by utilizing SAP’s powerful engine.

One Nintex RPA customer has reduced the number of duplicate accounts payable invoices, helping to improve cashflow, reducing manual auditing overheads and meeting compliance mandates.

Previously, upon receiving an alert for duplicate records, the Nintex RPA customer had to manually log into SAP Fiori and obtain the invoice data, then log into the SAP S/4HANA interface and enter the data needed to block the payment process on the duplicated invoice.

Today, utilizing Nintex RPA, a bot performs these steps automatically. When duplicate invoices are detected, an auto-generated email is sent to the compliance team with a list of blocked invoices.

Nintex RPA for SAP including S/4HANA can help you with:

  • Updating records
  • Content migration
  • SAP screen scraping
  • Filling in a form on-screen
  • Copying and pasting data between SAP and other applications
  • Comparing data fields
  • SAP automated data entry

The complete process platform

By teaming Nintex RPA for SAP with the other features of the Nintex Process Platform, you can automatically trigger RPA from a Nintex Workflow to run tasks within SAP.

For example, build an online form with Nintex Forms to request a record update from a customer. When the customer submits the form, Nintex Workflow can kick off RPA to update the SAP record quickly, easily and accurately.

Now you have the power to automate your SAP legacy system without the substantial investment it would take to replace it.

For more information about Nintex RPA for SAP, request a demo, or read our Nintex RPA for SAP technical blog.



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