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What is holding back your digital transformation? Could it be a lack of process?

As more and more organizations are pursuing business transformation, a need for total process overhaul is emerging.  But knowing how to begin optimizing business processes can be difficult.

Most enterprise processes are complicated, with workers relying on paperwork and workflows created by IT workers who don’t necessarily understand the nuances of their line of business (LOB).

Change management is often daunting, and many organizations avoid taking the plunge to improve their processes. So how can you guarantee successful updates to business processes? In order for companies to begin digitally transforming, they first need to understand their day-to-day operations. And the first step is process mapping.

In this blog, we’ll explain the advantages of process mapping and how your organization can embrace it with Nintex Process Manager.

Process Manager and the advantage of process mapping

Automated workflows remove mundane and manual processes from the remit of knowledge workers. Automation frees up time for individuals and helps organizations remain competitive by empowering workers with tools that remove low-value administrative tasks from their workloads.

But automating inefficient processes is not enough to create lasting change throughout an organization.

Process experts understand that mapping your business processes is the first step to automating them. Discovering which processes can provide the most benefit to your organization requires an understanding of the processes that currently exist and how they connect to each other. Once a map makes every process visible, it’s easier for businesses to understand where automation can be deployed for best effect.

What’s holding businesses back from digital transformation?

Despite the obvious benefits, many businesses struggle to pursue end-to-end digital transformation because of a lack of visibility over their existing processes. This can manifest in different ways:

  • Employees are in the best position to document and automate the processes they use every day, but they may not have the technical knowledge to create and manage their own workflows
  • The processes that could be automated for best effect usually require a complex solution
  • An organization may choose a solution that isn’t intelligent enough to automate complicated processes, meaning only simple processes can be improved

To combat these issues, organizations should look to implement a solution that’s intelligent, able to optimize complicated processes. And also one that is intuitive enough that everyone in the business can use it. With Nintex Process Manager, employees are empowered to identify, edit, and evolve their business processes.

Your guide to business process mapping

Creating a process map for an individual department, line of business or IT system increases the visibility over that process. You can shine a light on every process in your organization, providing you take a few important organizational steps:

Create accountability

Everyone needs to be involved – not just managerial staff or IT workers. Collaboration must be encouraged through process mapping. Workers from every LOB should be able to identify areas for optimization within their own processes. This increased accountability creates a culture of shared responsibility, with every worker able to contribute to your organization’s success.

Spread standardization

You must understand how identifying and improving processes can support your business’s overall goals. When you realize this, verbalize it to the wider business department and organization as a whole. Standardizing processes allows you to create consistent experiences for workers and/or customers, guaranteeing ongoing success.

Consider all outcomes

Identifying interdependent processes is important, because changes have a cascading effect. A map of processes will help you identify the impact of any changes, ensuring every area of your business can make the changes they need.

Monitor your process map

Process mapping should be an ongoing practice—using your map, processes must be managed over time to ensure they’re always working optimally within your organization. This helps organizations remain agile, reacting to inefficient processes and implementing new ones as needed.

Build compliant processes

Risk management can be built directly into your processes through process mapping. By identifying processes that handle sensitive data, a layer of compliance can be built with automated compliance records and approvals.

Process mapping makes identifying opportunities for automation simple and empowers every worker to take control of the processes they oversee every day. With Process Manager, a culture of process change can be created to drive digital transformation in your workplace.

The advantages of process mapping with Nintex

Nintex Process Manager makes it easy to create and manage processes, ensuring that ongoing improvements can be made in your organization. Operational success requires total visibility of business processes – every worker must be able to access and update process maps in real-time. You can give workers the tools they need to effect change at every level of your organization.

Pursuing digital transformation is an ongoing pursuit, but with Nintex Process Manager it can be a simple one.

With process mapping you can:

  • Increase productivity and efficiency, reducing repetitive administrative tasks and giving workers more time to focus on high-value work
  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • Make change management easy with automatic notifications about changes to process
  • Create automated, multi-level approval processes that reduce approval time
  • Create clean, simple process maps that anyone can follow
  • Automate low-value processes and replace them with processes that contribute to business success


Establish total visibility, gain control, drive operational efficiencies, and identify automation opportunities by planning, mapping, and managing your enterprise-wide business processes with Nintex Process Manager. Watch the demo on-demand!

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