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Mapping Processes Without Automation Falls Short

A challenge for today’s business leaders is to equip their teams with the optimal tools and processes that drive efficiency and excellence. But with leaders unable to be omnipresent, a critical question emerges: how can you ensure your team has everything they need to succeed?
As businesses expand, the shift away from outdated and labor-intensive methods becomes essential. Effective management of business workflows shifts from a desirable option to an absolute necessity — setting the stage for innovation and strategic advancements.

Why do some businesses hesitate to automate?

Despite this evident need to better manage workflows, some businesses hesitate to embrace automation even after they recognize the importance of mapping and managing processes. Concerns about costs, tool complexity, or uncertain returns on investment often underlie this hesitation.

While manual process optimization can yield improved efficiency, transparency, and compliance wins, it still may overlook opportunities for solving the problem of high-frequency or repetitive tasks. Automation not only speeds up processes and reduces errors but also frees up staff for strategic work, enhancing both the organization’s competitiveness and efficiency.

Beyond simply the benefits of process optimization, integrating automation in certain areas can also enhance scalability and resilience, leading to even greater returns. If you’ve optimized processes but haven’t yet explored automation, or if you’re unsure where to start, it is probably time to consider how your organization’s process maturity level influences your decisions.

Understanding your process maturity is crucial. Process maturity refers to how well a company’s processes are defined, managed, measured, and controlled. A less mature process environment may struggle with automation due to a lack of structure and clarity from detailed process mapping. Without clear insights into each process’s inputs, outputs, and value, automation efforts can be misguided or inefficient.

Companies with lower levels of process maturity often find themselves stuck in manual optimization, unable to progress due to unclear, inconsistent, or inefficient processes. These organizations may benefit from a gradual approach to process improvement, starting with thorough mapping and management before transitioning to automation.

Initiating Automation with the Nintex Process Platform

If you feel like your team is ready to automate, but are unsure where to start, the key is making sure that you have a shared understanding of your current processes through documentation.

If you’ve already gone through the documentation part of the process journey, you’re in an excellent position to begin automation with the Nintex Process Platform. Here, Nintex Process Manager can act as a strategic guide to identify which processes are ripe for automation, while Nintex Automation Cloud will breathe life into these plans, ensuring they reach their full potential.

For businesses of all shapes and sizes workflow automation has evolved from what once was a simple convenience to what is now a business essential, enabling your team to concentrate on impactful, high-value activities while shedding the burden of repetitive manual tasks.

The Clear Advantages of Automation Include:

  • Reducing operational load significantly
  • Lowering business risks
  • Delivering impactful, measurable results

Nintex Automation Cloud flaunts an impressive ROI of 213% and reaches payback in just 9 months.

Why map, manage, and then automate your processes within the Nintex Process platform?

Better Together: Mapping and managing your processes with Nintex Process Manager, then combining Nintex Automation cloud to Automate them will deliver you:

  • Seamless Integration: Using the Nintex Process Platform your transition from manual to automated processes will be smoother, reducing compatibility issues and simplifying the implementation.
  • Consistency and Reliability: Nintex is already familiar with your processes and can more effectively tailor the right automation tools for you, promoting consistency in process understanding and execution.
  • Simplified Vendor Management: Fewer vendor relationships will reduce your administrative overheads, and streamline communications, offering potential cost benefits and improved support.
  • Faster Deployment: An integrated approach to process mapping, management, and automation will allow for quicker deployment and onboarding, and if you have already mapped your processes with Nintex, you are already one step ahead by already having the planning blueprint for your automation projects.
  • Strategic Partrship: The Nintex Process Platform has the right solution for all your process needs, regardless of size or complexity. And we want to partner with you to align the right technology solutions with your business goals, ensuring continuous support and the flexibility to adapt to your future needs.

With the full Nintex Process Platform, all your process needs are centralized, promoting a holistic approach to process improvement. This strategy maximizes ROI today and ensures preparedness for future challenges, securing your place in the digital future.

Download the Business Process Maturity and Automation Webinar to better understand how Nintex can map, manage, and automate your processes to easily and economically propel your business maturity.

Trudi Masalski

Trudi Masalski is a marketing leader based in Melbourne, Australia. She has a particular passion for product marketing and loves the energetic vibe of the technology industry. Trudi enjoys crafting messaging and content to help customers understand the business value in process mapping and automation. Before Nintex, Trudi spent more than 20 years perfecting her marketing skills at various companies across the globe.

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