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Make process collaboration easy

Process excellence is a team pursuit. Gone are the days of lone process experts swooping in to revolutionize an organization’s operations. Those efforts usually resulted in expensive consulting fees and weighty procedure manuals that never saw the light of day once the final report was submitted.

Today companies recognize that there is a wealth of process know-how present at every level of the business. All that’s required is the right tool to access it.

That tool is a process management platform like Nintex Promapp®.

Finding the way

To properly engage teams in business process management, using the right platform is pivotal to success. There are numerous other strategies that can be employed: a business can run cross-department brainstorming sessions to capture process content and focus on clear, consistent communications from the executive suite to ensure process excellence is broadly understood and prioritized.

Those efforts can only go so far though without an intuitive, readily available platform to make process information easy to find, follow, and contribute to.

The people that know your processes best are the ones who use them every day. Your front-line staff are the experts on the systems, equipment, and procedures that you employ, and carry a wealth of process information.

Using an effective process management tool like Nintex Promapp® is a great way to include teams in capturing those processes, and improving them.

Create a conversation

A simple key to process collaboration is making it easy for process users to have a voice. Everyone who has repeatedly engaged with a procedure or practice will have ideas on improving things.

If process documentation is locked down and unavailable to comment on, then those thoughts can turn from creative opportunities to frustrated complaints and ultimately, disengagement.

Instead, Nintex Promapp® invites users to offer feedback on processes with a simple click. Anyone with access to the process can suggest changes or provide input into how the process could be improved.

It’s not a one-way street, either. Process stakeholders can respond, engaging users in the improvement conversation, discussing how ideas will impact the process and where the changes will be most effective. That conversation is captured in the process history, so there is a full audit log of which changes were made, and why.

Invite people to participate

Having an avenue to contribute to process improvement is helpful, but sometimes process users won’t know where their expertise is required unless they’re shown. While process champions take the lead in driving process capture and mapping efforts, they don’t know every aspect of the procedures they’re documenting. That’s when they’ll need input from those who live and breathe the activities and tasks in question.

Nintex Promapp® offers a simple solution. The @ToDo tag is a feature authors can add to their process maps as a flag for further development. It serves as a placeholder entry, ensuring that the process isn’t held up by limited information.

More importantly, the @ToDo tag can be assigned to a specific user. They’re notified on their personalized dashboard so they can see what’s required of them, and in the interim the tag shows in the process map summary, identifying them as the assigned user.

The @ToDo function makes it easy to invite collaborators into the process writing experience and to keep the exercise from being held up at any point.

Make it personal

Individualized notifications like the @ToDo tags keep process management present in people’s minds. It’s all too easy in the day-to-day to focus on the task at hand and not step back to consider what it is that you’re doing, or why. As a result, process management often becomes someone else’s concern.

A personal process dashboard encourages users to engage with their processes. With Nintex Promapp®, every member of your team can see when their processes are updated, or if there are reviews waiting to be done. By being prompted to check what’s changed or assess how current the record is, they’re drawn into the improvement cycle and engage with others who are working alongside them to improve business processes.

Choose a collaborative platform for success

Building a culture of process excellence means everyone needs to be on board. Keeping people informed, motivated, and up-to-date is only half the battle. They need to be active participants, and that kind of collaboration is easiest when it’s supported by an effective process management platform.

Nintex Promapp® provides an easy way for teams to contribute to process improvements, encourage the conversation, and keep everyone engaged daily. With the right platform, teams can take process ownership seriously, and your processes will reflect that commitment.



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Thomas Kohlenbach

Thomas Kohlenbach is a senior product specialist at Nintex, the global standard for process management and automation. He has over 12 years’ experience implementing initiatives related to continuous improvement (Kaizen/Six Sigma), change management and system integration, across automotive and financial services industries. Thomas is a passionate business improvement advocate who has helped organizations around the world to decrease operational costs and drive cultural change.

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