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Lighting up the darkness with Diwali

Diwali (also known as Deepavali) is a major religious festival in Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. While the five-day celebration universally symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, observances differ depending on region and tradition.

From Malaysia to the UK, and from the U.S. to South Africa, many among our people at Nintex are celebrating Diwali. Periyashini describes it as bringing out the brightest light in her family. Ranjita carries the light of Diwali with her, remembering it on her darkest days throughout the year. For Partha, it inspires a belief in the triumph of good over evil, and for Vasan, it’s about welcoming light and happiness while removing negativity. Read on for more about what Diwali means to them and how they celebrate.

Periyashini Nadarajah – Accounts Payable Coordinator – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Deepavali has always been a significant celebration in my family. Back when I was little, that was the only time I got to meet all my cousins. On Deepavali eve, we would gather and pray for our ancestors and offer them all the traditional food and sweets. After that, we would play with firecrackers and compete with the neighbors.

On Deepavali morning, everyone would line up in front of my grandma to get our head oiled and then take our bath to “remove bad luck”. Ever since my grandma passed on, we reminisce about all these happy memories, and I am glad that my parents are continuing this tradition with the whole family. Deepavali surely brings out the brightest light in my family.

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Partha Ray – Director, Business Applications – Bellevue, WA, United States

We celebrate Diwali full on, dressing up in our finest Indian clothes. We get a strong sense of connection with our roots this way. We enjoy meeting with our friends and overeating, while also using some July 4th fireworks that we’ve stashed away for the occasion!

​We choose to celebrate the overall meaning of Diwali – how good triumphs over evil, and how life is meant to be celebrated.

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Ranjita Sahu – Customer Support Engineer – London, United Kingdom

Diwali is my favorite festival – a festival of lights, colors, food, and fireworks. ​Staying away from your home country on this big day is quite challenging. I try my best to do everything we used to do back in India, to make it feel like Diwali.

On Diwali Day we get dressed in our traditional Indian attire which has been my most favorite part of Diwali since childhood. We decorate our apartment with lights and candles and start preparing for Lakshmi puja. We cook special sweets and snacks for Prasad (religious offering). We make Rangoli (Sand Painting) outside our house and light up some fireworks. ​Diwali is lit and the message it provides us is, “You carry the light of Diwali with you, and remember it on your darker days through the year.​”

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Vasan Naicker – Graduate, Technical Associate – Durban, South Africa

Deepavali, to me, is a time I associate with fun, happiness, and new beginnings. The time leading up to Deepavali is a time for bonding and preparation for the festivities. Before the day, my family bakes biscuits and sweetmeats, which we wrap in festive boxes and deliver to our family, friends and neighbors. For those with a sweet tooth, it’s something you’d love!

Deepavali is a time we socialize and share in festivities with our loved ones. In the morning, we traditionally bathe with oils meant to purify our minds and bodies. We then put on our new clothes, covered with bright colors and designs. There is also an assortment of delicious foods we partake in on the day. Towards the evening as it gets darker, we light lamps and place them around the house and offer our prayers. And then my favorite part – the fireworks! To me, celebrating Deepavali symbolizes the welcoming of light and happiness into your life and the removal of negativity.

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