Forms conversion: Future-proof and manage the full lifecycle of your business forms

Nowadays, companies are awash in business forms that come in many formats – InfoPath, PDFs, Word and Excel documents, and even paper. With businesses going online, forms conversion has become more important now than ever.

With our enterprise forms management platform, your organization can easily migrate and convert Nintex K2 Forms in a breeze. Our platform allows you to seamlessly move forms from one format to another and automate workflows to support the management of change, innovation, and growth in your organization.

The benefits of forms conversion:

  1. Simplified forms migrations
    • Save time and labor with easy migration and conversion of existing forms. Improve business agility by consolidating all your forms into a simple, digital format.
  2. Ideate and create forms quickly
    • Allow business users to choose the tools they prefer to envision and create new forms and convert their own forms into that format. Free up valuable IT resources for more mission-critical tasks.
  3. Automate your forms processes
    • Convert your current forms to Nintex K2 SmartForms and add automated workflows to ensure seamless distribution. Add advanced data integration and business logic to your forms to meet your unique automation needs.

Simplify forms migration and integration

Our forms conversion solution allows companies to rapidly and seamlessly move their static, file-based, and paper forms to web-based, database-driven Nintex K2 SmartForms that integrate with other line-of-business systems in a matter of seconds. Avoid confusing email threads and enable automation to ensure the right information gets to the appropriate person at the correct time. Make critical business decisions from the valuable insights captured to realize the full value of your digital forms.

Work with a trusted partner

Nintex Partner Kudzu provides a solution that converts forms in formats including InfoPath, PDFs, Word and Excel documents, and even paper into Nintex K2 SmartForms, while enabling workflow with leading process automation tools to support the management of change, innovation, and growth in your organization.

Video – See how Nintex K2 + Kudzu simplifies forms migration and integration.

An automated solution for every industry

No matter your industry or business role, Nintex provides your team with powerful business process management and workflow automation software tools.



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