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Digital transformation begins with eSign

Electronic signatures are a powerful business tool, capable of streamlining digital processes, eliminating extraneous costs, returning wasted time, and so the list goes on. Yet, implementing eSignatures as part of your transactional processes yields more than mere perks… it enables businesses to move towards the digital transformation needed to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Staying relevant in a digitized marketplace

As the millennium begins its 18th year, the stronghold that advancing technologies have on the modern market is only subject to increase. These technologies have defined what it means to be not only competitive but relevant among today’s consumers. Meeting the rising demand for expeditiousness in today’s digital ecosystem is imperative and can only be achieved by embracing digital infrastructure.

In its recent release of the “Aragon Research Globe for Digital Transaction Management, 2018,” Aragon Research notes the market’s sweeping digital shift and growing expectations for rapidity among consumers.

“… a fully digital business process is what consumers want; it’s all about ease of use.”

This digital shift is, perhaps, an initiative you’ve come to consider… but where to even start!?…

Where to begin?

In its Globe, Aragon recommends that businesses look first at the foundational elements of DTM when beginning to replace paper-laden processes with digital alternatives. For this reason, eSignature is the pivotal element of DTM highlighted in Aragon’s release.

“Many firms that have deployed basic eSignatures have seen a dramatic reduction in the time it takes to get a contract signed.”

When identifying eSignature use cases, businesses must first evaluate their current processes to determine where automation should live within the lifecycle of their workflows. Yet, because all eSignature vendors aren’t created equal, businesses must also use this process to determine the eSign provider best aligned with their automation needs.

6 things to Look for in an eSign Vendor

eSignatures are like the businesses that comprise today’s market in that no two are exactly alike.

However, in its Globe, Aragon illustrates these six eSign fundamentals as pervasively sought after when buyers look for DTM platforms:

  1. Core eSignature capabilities

Nintex AssureSign® introduces these “core” capabilities in the form of unparalleled technology, capability, and security. Our robust solutions and unique deployment methods afford businesses the choice and versatility needed to support their go-to-market strategy.

Whether it’s with modern signing options like SMS/text message, a unique Nintex AssureSign® feature, or through universal solutions that invite signers via email, businesses choose Nintex AssureSign® to secure legally binding signatures with ease.

  1. Ability to assemble a document or a series of documents for signature

We understand obtaining an eSignature often involves sending more than just one document. That’s why Nintex AssureSign®’s pricing model incorporates the idea of “envelopes” rather than per document pricing.  No matter how many documents a single transaction consists of, they’re all part of one envelope… and an envelope is always the same price—no matter the number of documents inside!

When creating documents for signature, Nintex AssureSign users can create a single document on the fly with our drag and drop eSign creation interface or creating re-usable templates for frequently used documents. Moreover, users can send these document(s) to a single recipient or to multiple signers with our bulk sending option!

  1. Document routing and workflow automation

When you integrate Nintex AssureSign® with Dynamics, Salesforce, or your preferred relationship management system, automating workflows becomes effortless. Nintex AssureSign® can be launched from any entity or process within CRM, enabling users to send documents for signature at any point in their workflow.

Nintex AssureSign®’s Dynamics 365 integration also supports the creation of trigger events, which “trigger” document sends following a specified instance (e.g. receiving back a previously sent document).

What’s more, users can leverage DocumentTRAK webhooks to automatically update data in CRM with a signer’s input (i.e. what a signer types into a document). Wave good-bye to manually updating addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

  1. Basic and advanced analytics based on organization level

We constantly receive feedback about how eSignature improves our customers’ workflows and processes, but having access to basic and advanced analytics is something many businesses tell us is a game-changer.

Your activity, as well as your signer’s, is stored within the Nintex AssureSign® platform and is accessible at any time. You can view recent activity, daily totals, document statistics and other reports with the click of a mouse.

Also, with live document tracking, you can easily review whether signers have opened a document or what phase of the signing process they’re in.

  1. Integration with leading content management and other Line of Business (LOB) platforms and systems

Leveraging Nintex AssureSign®’s integrations is the best route to tapping the full capacity of electronic signature.

Our premiere eSignature integration with Dynamics 365 is the preferred eSign solution among users of Microsoft’s CRM. As a Microsoft Silver Partner and internal user of Dynamics, we’re able to better position our integration to fit the CRM’s UI and afford users with an exceptional eSign experience.

Users of Salesforce, too, can put the power of eSign to work within their CRM environment, generating a streamlined workflow from start to finish.

In addition to universal CRMs, Nintex AssureSign® has out-of-the-box integrations with industry-specific content management software—like EZ LYNX for insurance and Jadu for education—gifting even more companies with eSignature automation!

For companies with another LOB software or system, Nintex AssureSign® provides tools and resources necessary to build custom, proprietary integrations! Organizations like Junior Achievement of Kansas City and United BioSource Corp (UBC) leverage our open and flexible APIs to incorporate a custom eSign integration within their existing processes or software.

  1. Mobile apps (Remote, in-person and offline signing, managing)

According to a poll conducted in 2017, 69% of consumer digital media consumption is via a mobile device… making clear that today’s market isn’t just digitally transformed… it’s mobile minded !

Nintex AssureSign® not only has one of the best mobile responsive UI’s, but offers an array of unparalleled eSignature features and solutions that make use of emerging mobile technology and trends.

Nintex AssureSign® offers the industry’s only eSignature via SMS/text message…

After receiving the text, a signer can complete a transaction in less than 60-seconds—gifting closing rates a much-appreciated raise.

Those with use cases for mobilizing the in-person signing method can also do so securely with the Nintex AssureSign® Trigger app for IOS and Android operating systems.

Nintex AssureSign® generates a mobilized signing experience that awards convenience to consumers and businesses alike.



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