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The CX Value Chain and Customer Engagement Management in Your Business

Customer engagement management is a direct effort by your organization to prioritize your customers, making sure that any communication with your brand is a valuable one. This type of management is part of the customer experience (CX) value chain.

The Meaning of the Value Chain

Essentially, the value chain is the steps an organization must implement to get their product or service from concept into the customer’s hands. This is a high-level model that describes the steps where businesses take ‘raw materials’ and add value to them to create a product that is sold to customers.

The value chain is effectively a bundle of activities that an organization performs to get a product designed, produced, delivered, marketed, sold and supported. And at each step, your business has the opportunity to ‘add value’ in some way to create a competitive advantage against your rivals.

The same principles apply, then, to the customer experience value chain. What we mean by CX value chain is: making sure your customers are happy and satisfied with your service every step of the journey with you, at every touchpoint where they interact with you. A CX-centric value chain gives your organization the power to do this.

Customer Engagement Management Must Modernize

Customer expectations have changed thanks to technology, meaning you need to be:

  • Lightning quick
  • Responsive to their preferences
  • Consistent
  • Predictive
  • Personalized

If customers don’t get this from you they will just go to the next brand. As a result, companies must change to meet and exceed these new expectations. Two things need to happen within your organization for you to keep up and thrive in this CX-centric world:

1.   Shifting to Customer Advocacy

Customer advocacy is the idea that organizations focus on what is best for the customer in every aspect of their business. It’s defined as a full shift in company culture and ideology to put the customer first. It often manifests through customer service improvements, marketing techniques and strategies, or by making sure internal processes lead ultimately to the benefit of the customer, rather than other focuses like bottom line profits.

The activities within the chain of events that lead up to a product or service being delivered to the customer influence how the customer receives that service. If the value chain or activities in the run-up are efficient and painless, the customer is going to benefit.

2.   Deploying Cutting-Edge Technology

Taking advantage of the technology available to you will enable your organization to provide a cutting-edge customer experience. Workflow automation, for example, is a way your organization can transform both its internal and external processes to benefit the customer. And the best part is that it does so by making your employees’ jobs easier.

Let’s see how updating your business processes through workflow automation can improve your CX value chain and the satisfaction of both your customers and employees.

Make Customer Choice a Cinch By Being Undeniably Great

Give your customers value at every turn by transforming your internal and external processes for their benefit. By employing Nintex solutions, you can make it easier for customers to avail of your products and services and, on the internal side, your employees can spend more time on tasks that create higher value for the customer.

Workflow automation benefits your customers by:

Increasing Efficiency

When the internal processes in your business are moving quickly, automatically and without error, your employees have time to add value to the customer experience, to go further for them and provide a more personalized experience.

For example, with Nintex Forms you can easily integrate e-signature capabilities to your contracts and send them to your prospective customers allowing you to close more deals and speed up the supply chain. What’s more, customers can rely on your organization for what they need, which in the world of B2B makes for a positive domino effect of trust and positive reputations.

Improving Communication

A huge frustration for a lot of customers is the inconsistency they experience when communicating with an organization. There are multiple platforms and mediums that allow them to contact you but that doesn’t always translate to great communication. If you haven’t connected these platforms internally, you will end up with a complicated system that crosses its wires and makes mistakes.

Think about when you need to contact your cable provider, for instance:

  • You enter your issue into a chat box on their website
  • Later you receive an email asking you to state your issue
  • You reply via email
  • When there’s no reply you call them up to report the same issue
  • Only to be told they have no knowledge of your initial reports of the issue

With the Nintex Workflow Platform, you can standardize your customer service process that will ensure consistency across your communication platforms helping your staff provide a better service.

Streamlined Services Across Your Business

By bringing together your internal and external processes, you can achieve even greater value for your customers. Integrating Nintex into your customer engagement management and CX value chain you can make sure your customers are always your number one priority.


To learn more about how workflow automation can help your organization improve its customer experience, contact us today for a free trial.

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