Bots, Machine Learning, and the Future of Process Automation

As someone who lives and breathes technology, I tend to see most innovation as an incremental change rather than a game changer, but I can’t help thinking we’re on the verge of something massive, something that will redefine the future of work, and the way we interact with technology.

Bots, Voice Recognition, Natural Language Processing and machine learning technology isn’t new, but it looks like we’ve reached a tipping point where cost and availability of massive compute power has finally caught up with decades old theory, and the potential is huge.

All this ‘horsepower’ means that artificial intelligence is easier to access and deploy to solve real world, everyday problems.  It’s affordable because the heavy lifting is being done by the big dogs in the industry… Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Google, Facebook etc., and they’re making it available to all of us.  Thus, organizations around the world can take advantage of this to transform how they operate, becoming fluid, flexible and responsive.

For commercial business, that means you can deliver better products, drive up employee engagement, increase your pace of innovation, and compete with much larger rivals.  For governments and nonprofit organizations, that means delivering a higher quality of service and greater community impact for every dollar spent.

A clear example of the application of this technology are chatbots, and they’re already being put to work across industries to improve customer engagement.

The first wave of bots was simplistic… what I like to think of as Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) v2, or perhaps a little like a choose your own adventure book.  Nothing wrong with that, but apply some smarts, and you can rapidly deliver bots to your business that will orchestrate sophisticated tasks assignments and decisions making, ensuring your processes are far more efficient for everyone involved.

In effect, our machines are harnessing the strength and flexibility of natural conversation, giving us the potential for endless improvements.

Don’t Invent – Innovate

At Nintex, we see this having a major impact on how organizations run themselves. You want something faster, better, and more efficient; but not just for the sake of it or for cost cutting.

Our mission is to ensure that your people spend more time doing the things they do best, the work you pay them to excel at, instead of spending time on operational minutiae.

The results…? Increased productivity, faster pace of innovation and more time spent with customers and partners.  Ultimately, you’ll be providing better service and satisfaction for both your employees and your customers. We see intelligent bots as a logical extension of your workflows, and AI as a key way to understand and improve processes over time.

IDC analyst Maureen Fleming agrees and has made us think more about what is possible with process bots and machine learning in the Nintex Workflow Cloud.

Nintex Workflow Cloud was built from the ground up to empower more people to solve more problems than ever before, transforming slow, repetitive, error-prone processes into automated solutions.  As the platform evolves, we’re making advanced technologies like AI and bots accessible to the average employee, so they can be at the forefront of driving an intelligent, digital transformation of their business.  Using Nintex, thousands of customers around the world have already transformed how they do work, and by introducing a more conversational experience to the world of workflows, we believe that this can be taken to a whole new level.

Let’s see what developing or applying AI chatbots in workflows tells us about where things are going across the enterprise.

Quick Recap: What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of making computers and machines capable of doing things that require intelligence when done by humans. What that has previously meant for bots, voice recognition and natural language processing has been relatively simple tasks. However, the advancements in machine learning and AI, mean bots will soon be taking on much more sophisticated responsibilities.

The Next Level of Automation

We’ve always believed in the power of automation. The goal for us at Nintex is for you to be able to run these intelligent bots across your business’s workflows, combining sophisticated AI with complicated automation in a way that makes your processes smarter, easier to use and more efficient.

For Example:

Imagine a workflow that enables your field service technician to take photos of your plant equipment which automatically uploads to a workflow, is run through a smart engine (i.e. AI) which produces a response on the status of the equipment, related data and potential errors, and can simultaneously schedule—automatically—repairs or delivery of new parts to the site, including the required approval process, while scheduling downtime.

This is the kind of power we’re talking about, along with the remarkable efficiency of process.

Not only will you get a much richer, responsive workflow that is more adaptable to changing circumstances, but the potential of these bots is to be able to provide detailed data on the workflows you are building and using in your business, as well.

For Example:

Imagine receiving data from a bot that tells you your complex workflow, that has five branches and contains 300 actions, is only using the first four branches, and recommends removing the fifth branch?

  • For the workflow administrator – it would mean the workflow becomes easier to manage
  • For the workflow end-users – the workflow is quicker to complete, meaning they can move on to another task faster
  • For the designer – the next workflow design she makes will potentially be simpler and made even more efficient

Join Us on the Journey and Find Out More

We’re just starting on this journey, but we have an awesome plan. The future of business process is intelligent automation. This is the way we see the world going, and if you’re interested let’s chat. If you’d like to talk about how artificial intelligence could help make your workflows even more efficient, shoot me an email at


Nintex is the workflow and content automation expert, helping your business move into the future fast. We can help you incorporate cutting-edge technology into your business processes, find out more here. If you’re interested in what our solutions can do for you, why not sign up for a free trial right now?  


Ryan Duguid

Chief Evangelist Ryan Duguid is responsible for setting product and platform vision, driving continuous innovation, and delivering technology to help everyday people solve their process problems. Ryan joined Nintex from Microsoft, where he was responsible for the content management business in the SharePoint Product Group.
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