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Did You Know: Overcome Compliance Challenges with Nintex

January 11, 2018, Author: Patrick Hosch

2018: Another year, another law, another compliance challenge. If you follow current affairs, you are probably familiar with terms like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Germany’s new law against hate speech, known as NetzDG. These will have an impact not just on companies that are established in the EU or […]

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Transform the Process of Filing Taxes with Nintex

November 14, 2017, Author: Patrick Hosch

Swamped by mountains of invoices, expense forms, earning records and bank statements? It can only mean one thing: Tax season! Tax preparers, bookkeepers, accounting staff and self-employed workers are busy collating and combing through all the necessary paperwork to compile their annual tax return. For many, this time of year […]

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Did You Know: To Log or Not to Log, That Is the Question

September 7, 2017, Author: Patrick Hosch

“Log in the History List” is extremely helpful in debugging and evaluating your workflow. But it can cause a fair bit of trouble, particularly on-premises, if it’s not used properly. I thought it’d be helpful to summarize why you’d use “Log in the History List” and what to do to […]


Is Cross-Organizational Collaboration Key to your Org’s Future?

April 24, 2017, Author: Patrick Hosch

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce their cost-base, their overheads, and make their resources go further. One of the methods for making budgets and business reach further is by collaborating with other companies on a specific project or even forming a more sustainable long-term partnership. Whatever the intended […]


End Information Silos with Workflows

March 9, 2017, Author: Patrick Hosch

Information silos are one of the unfortunate side effects of modern enterprise apps. According to one study, the average company uses 935 cloud applications in their day-to-day business, for anything from document storage to project management, resource planning to customer relationships, social media marketing or email campaigns. Organizations of all […]