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Introducing New Identity Management Service for Use Across Cloud-Based Nintex Technologies

July 20, 2017, Author: David Fitzpatrick

Nintex and Identity Management At Nintex, we are always looking at how we can improve the experience and productivity of our customers and partners. With this in mind, we are working on a new identity management service that helps you manage authentication, authorization, roles, and privileges for your organization across […]

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Three Common Risks to Healthcare Compliance

July 20, 2017, Author: Galen Rodgers

From Internet-connected heart monitors to video-enabled consultations and vast internal data repositories, the rapid penetration of digital technology into the healthcare sector has radically altered how healthcare professionals work with patient data. As positive as this is, one drawback is that many healthcare organizations and medical professionals are uncertain about […]

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Protecting Your Data from Cyberattacks

July 18, 2017, Author: Justin Donato

Every time a cyberattack is widely reported, the topic of cybersecurity gets nearly as much attention as the attack itself. The recent NotPetya ransomware attack is no exception. NotPetya was a ransomware attack that first struck infrastructure sites in Ukraine in late June, 2017. It encrypted not only data (as […]

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Get to Know a VIP: Onboarding New Hires

July 14, 2017, Author: Karina Mounivong

One of the major tasks of HR departments is onboarding new hires. This is a mainstay for any HR department and brings many tasks and business strands together to make up the overall process. For members of the HR team there is a lot to think about. HR must liaise […]


Unlock New Opportunities with Nintex Hawkeye Process Intelligence and Workflow Analytics

July 11, 2017, Author: Lachlan Ainley

Lachlan presented on this topic in a session at Microsoft Inspire 2017. Every day Nintex Partners deliver innovative process automation solutions that help improve the way our customers work. To create and improve these processes, they first need to be understood. Thanks to the process intelligence capabilities of Nintex Hawkeye, […]