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Mitchells & Butlers Serves Up Memorable Customer Experiences with Nintex for Office 365

June 29, 2017, Author: Mike Lovelock

Mitchells & Butlers, the largest casual dining restaurant chain in the United Kingdom, ranks excellent customer service as mission critical and sought a digital solution to transform its operations. Restaurants like Mitchells & Butlers undergo pre-opening and closing checks, health and safety checks, cleaning schedules for storerooms and kitchens, and […]

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Did You Know: Action Sets and Collapsible Actions for O365

June 27, 2017, Author: Mohammed Qattan

‘Actions sets’ are simple and useful workflow action. As a matter of fact, ‘Action sets’ does not require any configuration (Unless you want to set the “Elevate permissions” checkbox.) It has a border that contains a pearl, when actions are added to the pearl inside the border, they become part […]


How Construction Management Firm Hourie Manages Change Requests with Nintex

June 27, 2017, Author: Ayman El-Hattab

Hourie, a large construction management company in Lebanon, faces a challenge common to construction companies: How to manage change requests for complex construction projects. Hourie sought an easy and intuitive technology solution that would allow large teams comprised of project managers, contractors and field workers to seamlessly execute change requests […]


Replace your SharePoint Designer Workflow with Greater Power and Simplicity

June 26, 2017, Author: Vadim Tabakman

SharePoint’s flexibility is one of its biggest selling points. In theory, it provides a multitude of capabilities through out-of-the-box applications and tools accessible to users of all skill levels. When it comes to automating repeat processes, that capability takes the form of SharePoint Designer workflows. A successor of Microsoft FrontPage, […]

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Did You Know: Nintex Workflow Cloud & SharePoint Online – Better Together

June 25, 2017, Author: Chris Ellis

Here at Chris City Council offices, we have a large number of forms for the public. When I say large, I mean in the hundreds. Everything from residential parking permits, domestic animal registration and even a permit for a busking permit. We went to great lengths to create smart PDF […]