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Invoice processing that saves time and money

Even in today’s highly-digitized world, invoicing has remained largely paper-based. Accounts Payable systems that require manual input create bottlenecks in the process that often result in late or erroneous payments. Automating invoice processes not only reduces overhead, but gives you time back, while improving compliance and accuracy.

Reduce invoice processing from days to hours

Everyone wants to get paid on time. But manually processing invoices can slow everything down, create cash flow issues, and create friction between employees and the Accounts Payable department. It also leads to conflicts between you and your invaluable vendors—relationships you can’t afford to tarnish. Luckily, we have a process for that.

Powering invoice management through workflow

An automated invoicing workflow removes countless pain points previously hardwired into invoice management. Connect existing ERP systems via digital workflows to ensure the data is accurately reflected in the accounting system. Route requests to the right budget manager or escalate overdue invoices, automatically. And create powerful forms that capture and validate all required data—all while keeping a full audit trail of all invoices.

The benefits

Save money

Prevent late payments that result in missed discounts and drive late fees.

Improve data accuracy

Remove manual processes that run the risk of human error.

Create an audit trail

Know who’s approving what, when, and why—and keep a record of it, automatically.

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