Finance and Administration Workflow Scenarios

Finance and Administration

The “behind the curtain” functions of a business, like finance and administration, are vital to the success of everyday operations. Without the right processes in place, these tasks can bottleneck and bog a business down.

Why use digital workflows to automate finance and administration processes?

Finance teams must focus on continuous process improvements while minimizing risk. The Nintex Workflow Platform streamlines some of the most time-consuming finance processes like budget reviews, expense approvals and invoice processing so everything flows smoothly.

Reduce risk
Reduce risk
Improve data accuracy and visibility
Improve data accuracy and visibility
Control business expenses
Control business expenses
Ensure regulatory compliance
Ensure regulatory compliance
Simplify budget requests

Simplify budget requests

Manual budget requests are paper-intensive, difficult to track and may get lost. Unmanaged budget requests can result in fraudulent submissions, excess business spending or redundant budget allocation. Workflow automation improves budget request processes and ensures compliance. Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Capture all budget requests on standardized forms and automatically route them to the correct approvers
  • Create workflows to assign tasks, set reminders and escalations to expedite the progress of each task in real time
  • Implement multi-level approvals based on budget authorization to ensure the right people authorize the request


  • Ensure governance and a full audit trail of approvals of budget requests
  • Maintain up-to-date data in a single repository
  • Integrate with existing ERP systems for automatic updates as changes are made
Budget Approval Solution Workflow Fact Sheet
Manage expense approvals

Manage expense approvals

Eliminate paperwork and give your managers the ability to review and approve expense reports to ensure accuracy, detect fraud, and enforce expense policy compliance. Eliminate problems caused by spreadsheets floating from one department to another. Use the Nintex Workflow Platform to:

  • Create digital expense report forms with pre-populated reference data
  • Define and set alert workflows that prompt employees for action

  • Approve expenses quickly and easily from any device with Lazy Approval
  • Use workflow analytics to discover bottlenecks in your expense management process

Travel and Expense Solution Scenario Fact Sheet
Improve invoice processing

Improve invoice processing

Invoices need to be processed quickly and accurately so vendors are paid in a timely manner for goods and services. Manual processes can result in cash flow issues and frustrations for employees in the Accounts Payable department. Streamline invoice processing using the Nintex Workflow Platform:

  • Integrate with existing ERP systems via digital workflows to ensure the data is accurately reflected in the accounting system
  • Automatically route requests to the right budget manager or escalate overdue invoices

  • Create powerful forms that capture and validate all required data
  • Keep a full audit trail of all invoices

Ensure financial governance

Ensure Financial Governance

Every financial process requires a robust governance and audit trail capability for regulatory compliance and reduced potential for fraud and mistakes. With the Nintex Workflow Platform, you can:

  • Use digital workflows to automate notifications to management based on governance compliance
  • Create workflows to handle additional approvals and processes based on approval amounts
  • Create a full audit trail of financial approvals and associated comments
Financial Solutions Scenario Fact Sheet

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