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Nintex Process Platform: What’s new

Accelerating process management and automation with AI

With the newest AI-powered capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform, your organization can rapidly document and automate its business processes, creating more efficient, connected, and adaptive operations.

Use AI to automatically generate workflows, process maps and BPMN models, and convert BPMN process models to process maps—easing development effort and significantly accelerating time to value.

App developers can also add AI-powered chatbots to their apps without writing a single line of code, enhancing your app’s user experience for sales and service.

Feature updates: Process intelligence

Simplified process capture, planning, mapping, and management

Process capture


Automatically generate process maps in Process Manager via AI-powered text prompts and activity recordings captured from end users.

  • Easier –to use than traditional mining tools
  • Remove the need to manually document processes
  • Align processes across all roles
  • Ensure best practices for process designers and automation builders
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Import from Visio


Leverage the new AI-powered import tool in Process Manager to generate a BPMN model from Visio files.

  • Get started quickly with a more powerful process management solution
  • Free up resources who would otherwise have to rebuild documentation
  • Support common process-based Visio stencils
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Convert BPMN models


Use AI to convert BPMN process models to maps in Process Manager.

  • Save time when building documentation
  • Remove the need to rebuild documentation for different teams
  • Make processes easily consumable for IT and business users
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Feature updates: Workflow & app dev

Simplified form, workflow, task, and document automation with intuitive user experiences

Workflow Generator


Use AI to generate workflow automations in Nintex Automation Cloud from text-based automation requirements.

  • Enable users to start building workflows even faster
  • Improve workflow design through best practice recommendations
  • Move beyond “if this, then that” type of automations
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Data tables

Utilize a centralized repository in Nintex Automation Cloud for storing, managing and connecting process-related data.

  • Reduce application complexity
  • Improve workflow and application reliability
  • Deliver solutions faster
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Chatbot Builder

Create AI-powered chatbots in Skuid for a wide variety of use cases, without writing code.

  • Enhance cost savings, scalability, and productivity for customer-facing resources
  • Improve personalization and customer insights with minimal investment
  • Leverage built-in OpenAI connector or use REST to connect to other systems like Claude, Llama, Watson, and Azure OpenAI
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