Operational and Procurement Improvement

The operations of any complex business are filled with vital processes and critical functions that cover a variety of needs. A streamlined digital transformation solution can help improve overall operational efficiency and create measurable value for vendors, too.

Create operational solutions

Improved supplier management

When a business produces goods and services, supplier relationships must be effectively managed to oversee the purchase of raw materials, ensuring the best pricing possible. By automating your procurement processes you better manage suppliers, exceed compliance standards, and ensure purchases are made at the perfect price.

Manage work orders

Maintenance teams ensure repair requests are expedited and handled in a timely, cost-effective manner. Workflow related to repair orders needs to follow an approval process designed to maintain proper authorization standards and budget-appropriation guidelines.

Deliver customer satisfaction

When a customer places an order, delivering on time and within budget becomes the responsibility of production and operations teams. Whether it’s documenting requirements for delivery schedules or managing complex change orders, business process automation allows superior delivery of goods and services to your customers.

Improve project management

Complex projects require competent management to help navigate pitfalls that can cause delays. Automating workflows can keep things on schedule, while avoiding missed deadlines, poor customer service, and other bottlenecks for downstream projects.

Automating purchase orders

Purchase orders provide a valuable business tool and a system of checks and balances against ordered items. By automating the purchase order process, visibility of incoming supply improves dramatically, ensuring appropriate review and approvals while reducing the risk of internal fraud.

Expedite the purchase order process

A digitally-based workflow that automatically generates purchase request forms, triggers multi-level approvals, and ensures compliance from inception to audit.

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Automation driving operational efficacy

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