Nintex for Energy

Global energy companies know that implementing digital technologies to streamline operations allows them to remain compliant and competitive, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. The capabilities offered by the Nintex Platform can help deliver greater efficiency and significant cost savings with room to accelerate growth.

The energy industry can be a beast. Let Nintex help tame it.

Energy producers and providers face many challenges stemming from extremely high consumer expectations, compounded by a rapidly changing and complex global landscape.

Shrinking profit margins

Higher commodity prices and operational costs are putting pressure on profitability.

Demand for low-carbon energies

Researching, developing and manufacturing modern energies is capital-intensive.

Evolving distribution models

Adapting to new storage, transport, and delivery models requires detailed orchestration.

Complex regulatory environment

Increased regulations call for new approaches to operating procedures and data management

We automated Lippuner's supply ordering process – taking a paper-based, manual process and going completely digital with Nintex workflow and forms.
/ Lars Eigeldinger, System Administrator, Lippuner Switzerland/

Rapid disaster response

Accelerate critical business procedures when speed is a necessity. Eliminate manual, paper-based processes that slow response times. Improve timely communication and remediation of issues before they become widespread disasters.

Automation in action - Energy

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